Special bonus illustrations from Foxblack.

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Foxblack put together some illustrations from Nosferatu Next Door. These aren’t official illustrations, so I’m not pairing them with the text. They are a showcase of some of the techniques Foxblack has been working on. He’ll be illustrating more of Five Twisted Wishes in the near future. In the meantime, he would love some feedback on these illustrations. Please leave your comments below.

Illustrations Illustrations by FoxBlack: https://twitter.com/fox6dx

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  1. Anteater

    I LOVE IT!!! The design is actually better than Boule’s version of our Undead assailant. No disrespect to Boule’s skill but the design made Mr. Alucard’s face too full. It just did not seem to match the description. I know there was a description of him being lanky maybe.

    On another note, I have wanted to ask something. Why was Mr. Alucard’s bite on the area on Cassie’s breast?

  2. Kuanyang

    I like the drawings, and Alucard isn’t really described in the text, but something about the way the beard is drawn gives him more of a lycan look IMO.

    In almost all depictions he’s clean shaven. Even in the 1992 movie during the day in London he’s only got a mustache and soul patch. As he’s drawn, his beard is shaped into a (double?) Klingon. It works to define the angles of his face, but..

    1. Rawls

      I agree about Alucard. This was just a project for Foxblack to work on some new things. We didn’t discuss character appearance as we normally would. It is an unofficial version of the chapter. The story will have a different artist at some point.

        1. Rawls

          No, Boule is no longer working on this. I’m looking for a new artist to work on this story.

    2. Anteater

      Actually, according to Jonathon Harker’s diary, the Count was described as having a mustache and clean-shaven chin with ruddy lips and sharp teeth.

      The stage-coach driver was said to have a hard mouth and red lips. If nothing else, most people seem to think that the Count and the driver are the same…but Stoker does not confirm this. It could just as easily be another vampire in service to the Count.

    1. Simon S.

      I never read this story until these images. Definitely need more. 🙂

  3. greatwhiteape

    Awesome! Not sure what happened with THPM but I really enjoy your art. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Would have loved to see your full take on chapter 1 without JD’s style. It would have been stunning.

    1. Foxblack

      yes friend i want to apologize i went the wrong way with THPM but everything will be ok i will do a lot of nice work this year.
      5 wishes will also be improved wait!

  4. robo20

    OK, these illustrations show what Fox is capable of creating. Yet, Fox didn’t show that in PM. If he can do that in a chapter two, sure let him proceed.

  5. Lobria

    Ok, I’m a bit confused. Why didn’t palmer mansion look like this. This looks way better then the reboot. I don’t understand. The coloring and the body look way better. Why didn’t fox do this for palmer or any of the illustrations on here. I’m baffled. This is what palmer should’ve looked like not that. As far as feed back, some of the coloring is off and the faces still need a bit of work. Mostly on the woman. I’m baffled that this wasn’t the go to for Palmer. This looks great. I don’t understand.

    1. DM1485

      This is what kinda baffled me too… the work on 5 twisted wishes was awesome, and then the illustrations for the Palmer reboot were not nearly as good.

      I’d suggested, given the feedback, Rawls give fox another chance on the reboot, let chapter 2 happen, and if the reception was still lukewarm, then shelve it.. looks like that’s not gonna happen, though. -shrug- meh. seems like a missed opportunity, but whatever. Not my site…and once my membership money leaves my account, it’s no longer my place to say where it gets used for.

      1. Lobria

        I feel for should redo it like this. I don’t understand with the way that looked what they were thinking. This right here if this was ch 1 I would’ve been way more forgiving. It still needs work but it can be improved. That original ch 1 he did is awful. Also I think the amount illustrations probably didn’t help that one either. More isn’t always better. Less is more. I would rather have less illustrations as long as they look good. I feel they were trying to hard to hard to add to that story and also copy jd. Both terrible ideas. Hiring these illustrators cost money from what Rawls said. So if someone is not working then she has to let them go. After seeing this I’m shocked that someone didn’t go….oh yeah make Palmer look like that. It’s weird. It could also be that the short stories are easier to do. Also I’m glad that you like five twisted wishes but I don’t like that artwork. But hey to each there own. I honestly hope fox and Rawls sees this and understand why Palmer didn’t work. Nice to see someone else who agrees.

    2. Foxblack

      I imagined that many would be confused in a simple way these arts that you just saw only happened because of your feedback so the more ideas are passed on to me the more I can improve for example the face is already something that I will pay more attention .

      1. Lobria

        Hey man. If this artwork is cause what people were saying then kudos. Great job dude. Now I feel bad cause if you took that to heart then I would’ve wondered what you would’ve done with chapter 2 of Palmer mansion. I just wish you started off that strong. This right here is really good. It does need some work but it’s really good. I would’ve loved if you did it like that. Shit…now we have to wait god knows how long for another reboot. I think what you did right now was really smart. I also don’t understand why more people didn’t say anything in the sketches you made. When you see the vote in the poll I’m like were the fuck were you guys during the sketches. Well if this is what your work is gonna look like for the future then I’m gonna have to change my vote for loooking out for your work. I wish there wasn’t a poll right away and I wish after seeing this that I didn’t vote no. I’m glad you did listen to us though and I will be looking forward to your work more now in the future. See ya Fox and Rawls.

  6. divemaster99

    Very nice…. I love her dissent into passion and pleasure!!

  7. Evil Modder

    Those are some really good drawings!