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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be working with a new artist on a new story. The awesome TravisPLS has agreed to work on a project. You can find more from him here:

This leads us to the what story we’ll work on together. That is going to be up to you. In fifteen words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. Travis would like to focus on a seduction story like The Guide (no use of force like in Coyote’s Trick). We’ll pick out our favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

So you have an idea of his art, Travis made a fun The Guide sketch to share.

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  1. Max0912

    Son is sent back in time and unknowingly meets his mom when she was his age. They fall deeply in love with each other but son ends up back in the present and they realize they she is his mother and her son was her lost love

  2. Max0912

    Heartbroken (Mother/Sister) and (Son/Brother), with terrible luck at love, find comfort in eachother but one accidental kiss would lead to their change relationship from familial love to slowly somthing deprave and taboo.

    Sorry that it not 15 word long. It was kinda hard to shorten it. Anyways the for idea for the story was for it to be like Enki’s Puzzle and The Guide but that there is no God forcing you to fuck your relatives and that the male character does not have clear issues clear issue and being manipulative. The idea that they are not being forced or compleled to be each other, that it happens slowly over time, and that they have their free will choice that lead everything. That it something realistic side as it can get. The (Mother/Sister) and (Son/Brother) is really I couldn’t choose either and fine whatever. I like to believe that I made it vague enough where you can you almost anything and go wild but there certain things I want followed.

    1. They have to be decent people at the start and actually love eachother like family and know what they are doing is wrong but that does mean it stays that which means character development
    2. How the accidental kiss happens is up to you but it stay just that. Just a kiss or maybe makeout but nothing more and what they did was wrong. There should be actual build up toward sex that takes time
    3. For the seduction aspect there two things, that the seduction start off as innocent then turns to be not so innocent(EX: They give a kiss for good luck to start there day innocently but some not so nice dark thoughts wanting) and that they are tempting each other and not just the male character doing it all (EX: Female character “accidently” leave the bathroom door unlocked which leads to the male character to get a full view of them naked)
    4. There has to build up and character development. To me what made The Guide and Enki’s Puzzle so good and hot was that there slow build up to it. Character development is nice to see character from point A to point B. From people that love each other like family to people that while still do love each other but are turned on the sexual things that they do.

    Just sum it up, Enki puzzle without the God and The Guide without literarlly having a how to fuck your family

  3. ReadRawls69

    M/S start successful small part time business & learn they have more in common than they realized. Reluctant yet enthusiastic mutual seduction

  4. ReadRawls69

    Identical twin sons hatch a plan to restore divorced moms confidence & eventually enjoy many happy family gatherings

  5. Meep

    young witch exploring womanhood seduces voluptuous women in her neighbourhood. Countered by head witch eventually.

  6. Lobria

    Adventurer mom and son discover hieroglyphs that when spoken gives the male heighten seduction.

  7. soxfanforever

    Man is assigned to space station. Alien women find him irresistible. Seductions and breeding ensue.

  8. Akradain

    Protagonist is a young man stuck in a cult. He knows his time is limited, because the leader banishes all young men when they come of age. Before that happens, the leader dies, and his mom becomes the “ prophet”. She starts preaching about the next “Holy One”, and he can’t help noticing the strange jewelry with black stones that the women are all wearing and how they seem to be staring at him…

  9. B4Lurker

    Something in the water nexgen: Something in the Air — using alexa type devices subliminally…

    Or anything else on here.

  10. Italian10inch

    I’ll make the same pitch. Wife finds a statute or ring with the Black Stone inside or mounted in it and uses it to increase the size and love making skills of the husband. It works but too well and the husband wonders off for better fucks, maybe a daughter or sister or other family members. The wife’s increased sex demands are left unanswered. The son finds the ring or statute, with mom’s help, and we know where that goes. The husband does not care and the son has breeding on his mind with the equipment to perform.

    1. DrScribe

      What if the statue is of Enki and the husband thinks it’s ugly and insults it or dirties it and the adopted son cleans it and replaces it maybe even compliments him. Boon and drives come from the statue to the son and the women of the house and Enki thinks maybe time for a small temple to me here so head priest son is able to make it with the girl(s) at college who he had a crush on and maybe even another friend who he only thought of as one of the guys. Bigger Twist: the husband since he is unfertile as a man Enki turns the desire for his own bio child to wanting the sons child and makes the changes to make that possible.

  11. PuyBo

    Oooh what about a guide for mothers seducing sons?

  12. PuyBo

    Son catches mother cheating on his dad with her father and decides to get revenge by seducing his grandmother.

  13. PuyBo

    2 brothers have both been secretly attracted to their own mother and want to seduce her, but don’t know that about each other. Father is absent or a dead beat, so they both are trying to step up and support her. After they catch each other and have a bit of a rivalry, there could be some realisation that they should work together and hopefully lead to a climactic threesome. (Sorry it’s longer than 15 words lol)

  14. Divway

    His mum & step mum become friends after his dad dies. Then on his eighteenth birthday, they sit him down and give him a small box from his dad with an eager look in their eyes…..

  15. JTass

    One more suggestion – Mom’s best friend/neighbor finds out that son fantasizes about mom, and decides to help him seduce her.

  16. JTass

    Mother is constantly pressuring son and daughter-in-law for grandchildren. Daughter-in-law seduces mother into a threesome so son can impregnate mother with her own grandchild.

  17. unlabel

    Summer long cross country RV trip multiple vehicles and extended family. Discovered ability to manipulate minds or bodies.

  18. brood

    Virus most men infertile, student at school immune, has impregnating sex with all town’s women.

  19. Guthie

    Dude discovers magic wand. Makes his wand magic. Family can’t resist and get more voluptuous

  20. Fred31267

    Use daughter as main protagonist, bored with son/everyone stories. 10 words lol

  21. AnonymousAndy

    Daughter finds a stone, seduces her father and brother. Leads to threesomes

  22. harry1001

    Ship sent to another planet to colonize. Guys cryogenic chamber fails and wakes him up 200 years to early. Wakes up his mom and start there own family

  23. Jolly Green

    Irish countryside with tales about the banshees, women who have died, wailing in the night. Lad of the family comes of age and the women in his family finally understand that banshees aren’t wailing in anguish or anger, but from the increasing number of the ‘little death’ they’re finding.

  24. elekhi

    1. A Medieval farmer’s son finds an enchanted stone. It begins to affect the women around him.

    2. Young prince grows up in the royal harem. His father’s neglect deepens his relationship with his mother.

    3. In a post-apocalyptic world, a mother and son do what they can to survive

  25. RaptorEye

    A succubus falls in love with a villager and possesses the bodies of his mother and sister (extended family perhaps?/rest of the village?) to have offsprings.

    1. DrScribe

      Alt take similar concept you inspired: succubus falls in love with the village boy/pure soul (helps/saves/just treats her like a person idk) and so she seduces him (succubus form or human) little does the MC know that a succubus sleeping with you comes with a curse the. It is beneficial in some ways and not in others. The enhancement is great but it also makes him look at those around him with less pure eyes. She helps him harness his new endowment and charisma that attracts the women around him. Builds a Harem, but his pure soul wants to be good to them…and make many children 😉 could be set in small town modern or all the way back to medieval or fantasy setting

      1. RaptorEye

        Nice idea … But I prefer the naughtier … It could be integrated a part of yours non the less. A succubus falls in love with a pure human boy, Not wanting to harm him by possessing him, he decides to use his family / village to have his children. Initially reluctant, he gradually understands what is happening and decides to have a relationship with the succubus in order for the family/village to avoid problems/succuby revenge for rejection. I also wanted some scene in which the demoness didn’t understand what the problem was like “Ok it’s your mother … so what? I’m always frisky for my mother!” or “The neighbor is beautiful why not have her … She is married? And so what is the problem? … Quick question what does married mean?”.

    2. 7Myxzptlk

      This sounds like a good concept. Maybe succubus GF also brings up secret fetishes of MC’s female family? Like if the mother likes to be dominated or the sister likes to be treated as an animal? Good stuff and Rawls has fun with the fantasy elements. I hope there’s a dark origin, but we get some wholesome kinky sex. Oxymoron, I know, but it sounds fun to imagine.

  26. polotus2328

    “Gifted” fraternal twins (b/s) play drunk spin-the-bottle with friends. Afterwards, Brother starts seducing women in family.

    Gifted – sister is curvy, brother is hung.

  27. NegativeEnergy

    Single Mom has a size fetish, but between work and caring for her son find little time to date. She is motivated by TikTok thots to start working out and asks her buff son to be her gym-coach. Close encounters reveals to the Mom her son has a third leg and she is unable to stop her curiosity to see more of it. Morals were never her thing anyway.

  28. Jon1one

    S/M seduction via Dark Stone VR Dating App

    1. DrScribe

      I like the concept that allows for mistaken identity where the virtual space alters the face but is 100% accurate on the rest of the body including senses. and the supernatural/hypertech element could be something about the MC’s haptic vr gear could be an upgrade or prototype model that either has a shard of the dark stone, interference from a god (like) being, or an experimental AI (possibly from a defunct colonization project or the new form of a god of fecundity) and actually makes changes to the MC. Transformation: growth, strength, size, etc…and maybe better suited to their matches. Possible matches: Stepmom(widow) , her sister(unhappy marriage), child best friend, friend/rival boy who is Bi who tries out MC’s prototype VR and changes them into a sexy shortstack. Drive for Seduction: VR gear wants MC to breed and puts either rewards and punishments for finding partners and tasks and MC wants it to be romance and love…might re type this as a derivative idea

  29. pragmaticromantic

    “I understand he was the only one that went in, but I’m telling you, whoever this is that came out is not my son.”

  30. Thomas_windsor

    A mother finds out her husband is cheating. She decides to return the favour, but when she tries to her son cock blocks her. Eventually the mother gets frustrated and makes her son satisfy her cravings for sex

  31. ElPescador

    Hypnosis tape intended to help a mom stop smoking instead makes her see her son as a sexual partner,

    P.S. 15 words isn’t nearly enough to express an idea, try 30.

    1. DrScribe

      what about a confidence tape to assist a marriage either for the husband or the wife and the son stumbles on using it instead , viewing the women of the house the ones he should romance and please and thus seduces them eventually cucking all their partners

  32. crazydorian

    Psychologist who tries solving every problem with mother/son incest finds herself with a new set of patients.

    1. crazydorian

      Bit like the Guide, but with a live coach. 😉

  33. ChromeDragon

    Billionaire finds families. Pays mothers to perform sexy tasks building, ending in seducing their sons.

  34. luckydave

    Young woman is romantic lead. Returned to hometown for funeral. Bonds with brother & mom solving murder.

  35. DrFlabbicus

    Neighborhood sandwich shop is super popular among local milfs, multiple protags, lots of food play.

    1. DrScribe

      smoothie shop with eventually a special ingredient?

  36. 7Myxzptlk

    Retired supermom reawakens powers after incredible drunk sex with 19yo son and his powers awaken.

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      Correction for suggestion: * 21yo son

    2. 7Myxzptlk

      Corrected pitch:
      > Retired supermom reawakens powers after incredible drunk sex with 21yo son and his powers awakened.

  37. MtFooLikeBar

    Fraternal brother/sister twins seperated at birth rediscover each other as adults, sexual relationship ensues.

  38. shadowolf660

    Boy awakens seductive powers and becomes supervillain. Lots of supermilfs!!!

  39. Evil Modder

    20-something virgin finds an old copy of the guide in the attic, then proceeds to try it out on his sister, his cousins and, as he gets more and more confident, eventually his mother.

    1. Dfaperson

      I like this, so I’ll use my 15 words to add a bit more – they live in a single room together and he finds the stone while scavenging for supplies. He (with the other’s help) use the stone’s power to conquer others in the wastes.

      1. Dfaperson

        Meant to comment this on plcwiz’s comment!

    2. Evil Modder

      I didn’t even see the fifteen word limit, sorry!

  40. plcwiz

    Utilizing Travis post apocalypse drawing style, a boy discovers a mysterious dark stone during scavenging hunt. Taking it home he and his mother, aunt and sister(s) seems to get much closer intimately. He also discovers it enhances everyone’s senses to survive the harsh outside conditions.

    1. plcwiz

      I missed the 15 word limit as well!! How was I to condense the above to 15 words!! Some literary creativity should be encouraged.

  41. Jaykop

    Big dicked nerdy Little Brother comes to his married big Brother for holidays.

  42. medic224

    An isekai meets quantum leap scenario. The protagonist is thrust into an alternate universe requiring seduction to escape. Each presents new challenges

  43. Thomas

    Nephew spends his summer working at his neglected aunt’s farm.

  44. Bassman007

    Male teen becomes a vampire with a taste for milfs

  45. dragon2age

    Maybe a continuation of Palmer Mansion or something along those lines .