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Dragon’s Blood is on its final chapter. After that, Mitzz and I will need a new project to collaborate on. He is open to working in fantasy, sci-fi, Rawlytown, or whatever wins the poll.

What will be the premise of our new story? That’s going to be up to you. In thirty words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. We’ll pick out our favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

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  1. elekhi

    Native american mom, son and daughter have been separated from their people. They ask the spirits for help, and are given a curious dark stone…

  2. soxfanforever

    Fey lady “saves” farmboy’s life. Fey says he owes her twelve-fold. Distraught, he asks how? She points at mother and two sisters, “At least four apiece?” Rapid, repeated pregnancies ensue.

  3. harry1001

    Colony ship raided. take women and sons as slaves but more like the last samurai movie. Sons and moms forced to live together and obviously start fuckin

  4. ReadRawls69

    After an odd but harmless sitting w/ a carnival fortune teller, m/s/d start having salacious dreams of one another. They soon realize their dreams are actually a shared alternate reality of limitless possibilities but can they contain their passion to that realm?

  5. Mr.Discretion

    Suggestion #2

    In a magical world, an aging con-man pretends to be a wizard who can help train warriors, but he just enslaves them instead. He’s obsessed with building a legacy so he always impregnates the women.

  6. Nsfwanon

    Villain attacks with a gas cloud that last for weeks. Gas causes people to become extremely sexual. A sealed apartment building protects a small group, or so they believe.

  7. JTass

    One more suggestion – Title “The Second Best Revenge”
    MC was constantly abused and humiliated by one bully through his entire childhood and teens. He’s repeatedly told by multiple people that “The best revenge is living a happy life.” That’s not enough for MC, so he figures out that he’s going to enact the second best revenge – seduce every single female in his bully’s life (GF, mom, sister, mentor/teacher, employer) and turn them against the bully.

  8. JTass

    MC does R&D for pharmaceuticals/toiletries/cosmetics. Accidentally invents a compound that briefly magnifies nerve sensitivity 10X. Uses the compound to seduce several of the women in his life (Mom, sis, aunt).

  9. pghcrew

    Financially struggling family enters a paid trial on a new performance supplement, except for the stubborn paranoid father. Over time bodies enhance, libidos and fertility increase. The son, daughters, and mother progressively lose control of their urges while manipulated and encouraged by the drug company “physicians”.

  10. Stranger101s

    A housewife struggles feeling neglected by her husband who is constantly traveling on business. She begins seeing her son as the true man of the house and seduces him, initiating a heated affair that both come to enjoy and try and conceal from their husband/father.

  11. HHUUKK

    Incest story. Family moves a new city. The young protagonist find an old diary belonging to the previous tenant of the house, which turns out to be a magic one.

    Days later, he discovers the most important thing… almost anything he writes will come true. The next day he might see a magic note that says “Granted or Not garnted”

    He could use it for help you family (to had a better life) or to fulfill his darkest desires.

    – Note aside: I’d love it was an interracial incest story.

  12. Bassman007

    I had a similar idea, only reversed. Son becomes a vampire, and decides he needs to save his mom from a uncaring father and make her his eternal lover (wife) and then needs to grow a harem in order to save mankind from invading space werewolves.

  13. Cluff77

    Male fetish artist, his prudish wife and daughters strongly object to what he does until one of the models gifts them a beautiful necklace with a dark stone centre piece.

  14. jabo0ody

    Sister returns from college acting strangely and staying out late at night. Her changes in behavior and appearance don’t go unnoticed by her brother. She has secretly joined a cult that worships a powerful dark stone. After exposing the brother to the stone, he gets wrapped up in a world of debauchery with his sister and likeminded neighbors. With both of their enhanced libido & appearance it gets harder to keep their parents in the dark. The brother eventually pursues his mother and indoctrinates her into the cult, while his father is left to face the realities of the new social structures stemming from the cult.

  15. Mr.Discretion

    A female champion becomes a magically corrupted agent of the evil warlord she’s supposed to be fighting, treacherously compromising her companions at their most vulnerable, turning them into his broodmares.

  16. John_Sn0w

    A warrior prince on a quest to re unite a shattered empire. One duel at a time from squabbling relatives (father and uncles) and one mother/aunt/sister at a time. Invoking ancient religious rites.

  17. AfkasH

    A monster filled fantasy world, the abusive father beats up mother and son constantly, and later sells his son to the monster killing corp for money, and kept captive of the mother, son swore revenge on his father one day and will come back for his mother.

  18. Noat

    similar to my other succubus story, but this time it is a mother who makes the deal to save her 3 sons from trouble, and in turn, she will need help from all 3 sons to feed the succubus the energy she needs to break free.

  19. Divway

    He has 3 testicles. He is part human. Looking to find his parents. Mom was lost in space. Father a brutal humanoid that conquers plants, leaving lots of sisters around the universe…

  20. FrankLundgren

    [single father] has failed one relationship after another. Every fling has fallen pregnant, despite his vasectomy. Little does he know, [son] is quite virile. Just married, can [stepmom] resist him?

  21. Simon S.

    Eldrictch horrors need incest energy to fuel their awakening return. This cult starts to take over a town.

    1. FrankLundgren

      I like it, but maybe too close to “Something in the Water”?

  22. ReadRawls69

    Grandma, a powerful witch with a strange sense of humor & a penchant for mayhem cast a spell on her daughter’s family causing them to randomly switch bodies w/ only one way to switch back. This familiarity does not breed contempt.

  23. ReadRawls69

    Year 2063. On the M-2 research moon colony, mom learns she’s the object of her son’s holopark passions. Her emotions evolve from shock to flattered to,,,? As a scientist & holopark designer she could easily insert herself in place of her physical hologram but will she?

  24. jYB6Pcd6

    A brother and sister live together off campus at a college, but their friends don’t know they are related. They seduce all their friends, and their friends’ relatives, and a good time is had by all.

  25. jYB6Pcd6

    A girl wants to seduce her father. Her mother is an obstacle. She enlists her brother in the project. He seduces both his mother and sister, and she at last seduces her father. Both mother and daughter end up pregnant, and neither knows who the father is.

  26. Magnus58

    Might be too similar to Belle Ile, but a story where a brother and sister get sucked into a murder mystery board game like clue through some weird dark stone magic along the lines of a twisted Jumanji. The siblings have to survive and “unmask” the killer and deal with the game characters sexual behaviors powered by the dark stone.

  27. jowholmes

    Mother bargains with succubus to become beautiful. Succubus’ deal transforms the mom the more she drinks her son’s cum. The more she drinks, the sluttier incest bimbo she becomes.

  28. Mali

    I think a story of a young man trapped in time having to seduce the female members of his family over the ages to get back to his time would be a good story. A little bit of fantasy would go well with this, say they are from a alternate world and must flee to our world but they must bear a human or half human child.

  29. AfkasH

    Intimate love story between mother and son, with no sister or father in the picture. With coworkers try to date the mother, and girls in school try to date the son, they find out that they only love each other, and have to fight through all obstacles to be together.

  30. Noat

    Unloved and always ignored, he gets the attention he always wanted when he inherits all of it. How far are they willing to go for a piece of the pie?

  31. Noat

    In exchange to help her break free, he gets his dream girl. She needs sexual energy to break free, but sex with his dream girl is not enough. She needs more and taboo gives more.

  32. Maximusthemad

    Scientist mother, researches her mind control potion/thing-a-ma-jig on her family. She finds out too late that once she gives a command she cannot undo it using device/potion and soon finds herself in an incestuous relationship with her son and turned her son and daughter into lovers.

  33. dragcuda74

    Finish pletocinc ring, mothers secret identity, love these stories waiting on continuation. How about a genie story.

  34. elekhi

    In Ancient Egypt, a younger son to a wicked Pharaoh makes a pact with the gods to liberate his family and set the kingdom (and the balance of the universe) right.

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      Reply – Considering the pharaoh lines were always inbred, maybe commoners becoming the rulers in a divergent timeline or something?

  35. elekhi

    A young Persian prince (Faris’ ancestor?) is raised in the harem with his concubine mother and the other women and children of the royal household

  36. general_fuckery

    A coven of sorceresses falls under the sway of a mysterious outsider.

  37. crazydorian

    Woman doesn’t know she’s a replicant designed to be a perfect replacement wife and mother. With her husband’s long absence, her programming can’t reconcile being only one or the other.

  38. Thomas_windsor

    A scientist mother working on genetics and the declining birthrate, sees promising data from incest couples. She does have a son…

  39. Demon13G

    A therapist on a power trip, manipulates members of a family he treats. Using careful suggestions to play out his fetishes with them, as they tell him everything that’s happening.

    1. cmj15301

      My desire is to see one of your stores taken to the next level.

      Dad catches mom and son in the act…rather than be angry…the se power that seduced mom now seduces dad….the sight of son’s huge cock with his Beautiful wife attached…also pulls dad in….he is humiliated yet turned on to the point of masturbating while watching

  40. 7Myxzptlk

    Young archeologist MC unearthed an ancient artifact of undocumented origin, magically morphing his family into elemental beings. Natural powers with unnatural urges. What shall become of them and the world?

  41. Demonic

    Mother becomes vampire and instead of turning her useless husband into one too, she decide to make her son into her eternal lover

    1. Bassman007

      I had a similar idea, only reversed. Son becomes a vampire, and decides he needs to save his mom from a uncaring father and make her his eternal lover (wife) and then needs to grow a harem in order to save mankind from invading space werewolves.

  42. Evil Modder

    A young man at college is struggling to meet women.
    Asks sister for help, she agrees.
    She doesn’t know he also asked their other sisters, who also agreed.

  43. np_phreak

    teenager playing a sims style game which can import characters using a picture, he puts his family in the game and his character edits begin showing up in real life

  44. Demon13G

    After a sting of bad relationships, man only cares for the women in his family. Then he saves a wizen old man, that cryptically promises assistance with his impossible love.

  45. Thickdick

    1 more.
    Small town boy is bullied by other kids and beat by dad. Runs away and only returns years later when dad dies. Comes back strong and confident. Starts a series of “conquering” where he gets with every girl, bully, and eventually his mother.

  46. shadowolf660

    In order to save his mother from a witch trial, son signs Daystar’s black book and gains a magnetic personality.

  47. Thomas_windsor

    Okay, not less than 30 words, fair. How about this?

    A mother and son, lost in space, land on a new planet and must repopulate the human species.

  48. Thickdick

    A lonely mother finally accepts a blind date opportunity from a friend. Little does she know her son is also looking for love. After meeting and realizing, one drink leads to another and a unique relationship begins to blossom.

  49. crazydorian

    A busy, wealthy husband hires a life coach to help get his wife back on track, but it seems like all their advice is focused around the couple’s teenaged son.

  50. RaptorEye

    3° time’s a charm
    Succubus in love with a villager. To have a child with him, she takes possession of the mother/sister/etc bodies without realizing the problem.

  51. plcwiz

    A raffle for black stone bracelets occur. These bracelets are linked together. The winners have an experience beyond their imagination.

  52. BWayMarshall

    Part of the stone is mixed in with cement to build a new apartment building. As the guest live the stones power influences the families of the building

    1. crazydorian

      I like this one for possibly a series of vingettes.

  53. Thomas_windsor

    A religious mother finds our about her son’s furious masturbation habit and tries to get him to stop, quoting that it is a sin. The son suggests after a few weeks frustration where he continues to fail that he could use some help; that maybe it isn’t a sin if someone else does it. The mother is hesitant, but rationalizes that it is just sexual education for her son and begins to help him. Things progress and less than a year later, the mother has a new child by her son!

    1. plcwiz

      Not an original storyline, it’s repeated numerous times in hentai/manga zines. It’s also more 30 words!!

    2. crazydorian

      Title suggests itself: “The Lesser Evil” 😉