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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be working with a new artist on a new story. The incredibly talented BSA has agreed to work on a project. You can check out some example illustrations of his below. BSA is trying to grow his following, so please join his Patreon or follow him on Twitter if you’re able. and

This leads us to the what story we’ll work on together. That is going to be up to you. In fifteen words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. I’ll pick out my favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

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  1. Erickdecon

    Covid ish story. people are hit by a plague and its super deadly and contagious. The vaccine works but only for the men. By some quirk the semen have the antibodies the women need and because of genetics it must be from a close relative. So the women need to get a dose once a week. After a few months they are reluctantly orgasming. One particularly pervy son is holding out as long as he can before he cums.

  2. adscrypt

    Boy finds the ancient journal / grimoire of a witch with a dark stone set into the binding, finds her writing indecipherable at first but slowly begins to get a handle on it (maybe with help of academic mother), and finds people (especially women) easier to ‘read’ as he gets a handle on the arcane language of the book. Maybe even understanding it well enough to summon the spirit of the witch inside the spellbook?

  3. Koalaking

    Young man wakes up morning to discover that his entire reality has been changed. Now in modern timed setting, fantasy races such as elves, orcs, fae and the ilk are living among us in daily life. While his family has stayed their same human selves, they have become far more attractive as a a result of the change. If that weren’t enough to deal with, our Mc finds his body has been imbued with overwhelming needs to use his now magically endowed member and to enthrall those close to him and the beautiful new fantastical women he meets.

  4. Italian10inch

    Well I’ll make my pitch again. Wife stumble onto a store of additives and see a stone that will pick up their marital sex life. Husband in deed grows and well as the wife but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Father starts looking towards the daughters and the wife wants the girl troubled depressed son to be more confident. The stone passes around with changes throughout. With the husband loosing interest in his wife and the son looking at his sisters and mother differently, big thing happen and the husband encourages it so he can venture out.

  5. Jolly Green

    Two religious mothers take their daughters to a special secluded womens’ retreat house off the Irish coast They hear the local legend of wailing banshees at a nearby village, ‘doomed’ women wandering the coast and hglens wailing their ‘grief.’ A fey spirit in the house enflames each woman in turn, and gives some Luck of the Irish to a young caretaker of the retreat, slowly teaching them the real reason for the banshee’s wail.

  6. PuyBo

    2 sons plan on seducing mom, or father wants to manipulate his wife to have sex with their son

  7. Craig23

    Story from the mom’s point of view, after her son brings a stone home. The story outlines the steps she takes to try not to give in.

  8. JHardy

    A rich dysfunctional family are barely keep it together. The youngest son is given a magic mirror from his grandmother, that allows him to go into the past. unannounced to him he is his own grandfather and father. Each decision/action could either wipe him from existence or change his whole world. Can he save his family and who/what is behind this?

  9. Bassman007

    Teenager makes a wish at a wishing well to become an alpha male. Women can’t get enough of him. Males fear and avoid him.

  10. fobpride21

    Secret family tradition – single mother w/ twins – brother and sister. The son finds a weird book in the attic, the family tradition is that they are actually heirs of an ancient bloodline where brothers, especially if they’re twins, are considered engaged from birth

    Mother then acts as a matchmaker for the twins and encourages their relationship, and later gets them to share a bedroom and act as a couple while also becoming the son’s concubine.

    Later revealed that their real father was their mom’s younger brother who passed away, while the “father” had left his wife after discovering the book and tries to expose the family and is part of an old rival organization of this family

  11. fobpride21

    Family moves into a strange neighborhood, where some mysterious energy in the neighborhood has cahnged everyone’s relationships – where the sons replace their fathers in the family, and where everyone becomes much more attracted to their siblings and mothers.

    At church they make very not so subtle encouragement of incest and they start teachign pro-incest stuff at school

    The mother, older sister and a twin sister of main character become affected slowly, and the father soon leaves teh family while the son with the blessing of the community marries his twin sister as his first wife, then his mother and older sis

  12. Kyne

    Average dude in community college has girl troubles and night classes. He saves a girl from being raped in the parking lot at night. Girl turns out to be more than meets the eye and gives him mind reading powers. He proceeds to use them in class, college and at home.

  13. Crotcher

    son catches mum being fucked by famous batchelor on holiday, batchelor teaches son to seduce

  14. Thomas

    Mon and son snowed in during a Christmas vacation at a remote cabin.

  15. JTass

    I’d love to learn the backstory of how the AI in the Mothership Wilderness wound up supplied with an experimental fertility drug and programmed to behave as it did.
    (I think I proposed this in the last poll also)

  16. Takingabreak123

    Recovering from wife’s death and overwhelmed with raising children – a man is lost – – his mom, sisters, and mother in law rally around him

  17. Takingabreak123

    Recovering from his wife’s sudden death and overwhelmed with raising his three small children – a man is overwhelmed and considers dark thoughts – his mom, sisters, and mother in law rally around him to support him through this

  18. Anders

    A complicit neighbor assist or encourages the son in his family adventure

  19. RaptorEye

    A succubus falls in love with a young man and becomes pregnant, using his mother and sister as a rented womb.

  20. Darrin Phillips

    Family is hiking and discovers a fresh water spring. They drink from it and bottle some for later. Little do they know, there is a dark stone at the base of the spring. Soon things start heating up between them and eventually go back to the spring for more… and more… and more.

  21. Genericc616

    Fertility goddess in guise of a sexy maid; brings large family together via seduction and trickery

  22. NegativeEnergy

    Family goes on vacation at a cabin in the woods, but a storm hits and things get interesting.

  23. DarkArthas

    Why not the story from the last post that almost won?

    Family Wedding. MC is Sr in HS. He has 3 older sisters. He travels with Mom & Dad to sister’s wedding, buys a dark stone charm at a market before the rehearsal dinner, hi-jinks ensue. Story follows through the wedding and into the next year.

  24. jowholmes

    Overbearing mom wants to boost son’s self-confidence and purposely exposes him to dark stone.

  25. gamecoke689

    Colonial America. Young man goes where the Natives advise him not, finds a rock and turns the town. Starting with mom, three sisters, etc, and eventually become known as Mormons.

  26. shadowolf660

    Rebellious son of a religious family makes a deal with Daystar. He is gifted incubus-like abilities and given the task of spreading lust fueled freedom.

  27. Acclord

    A vampire that moves through Europe, finding new wives and impregnating. Fighting a female version of van helsing.

  28. John P

    Mom’s in book club of uptight/beautiful women. New neighbor suggests self-published – but cursed – book.

  29. AtlachtNacha

    Girl is cursed to not be able to say no to anyone, mother discovers this fact and keeps her at home for her own safety, brother takes advantage.

  30. jaguarhead

    female high school english teacher can’t resist senior wrestlers

  31. 7Myxzptlk

    MC, mom, and sisters abducted by aliens, relocated to colonize new world; Adam and Eves.

  32. Zeke48

    Futanari story. Daughter’s new appendage grows every time she orgasms, fulfilling caring single mother’s fetish.

  33. Kramer_Angst

    Girl, 18, falls into portal, encounters eldritch horrors that violate her; she corrupts her family.

  34. bostant

    Grandpa leaves all inheritance to grandson. Females in the family compete for his attention

  35. jabo0ody

    Son finds stone. Quickly descends to level of David (“Sex Talk”) and Jackson (“Serum 42”). Unquenchable need; mother, sister, neighbor’s daughter, etc. Dad accepts it.

    1. DarkArthas

      You know your story is almost the exact same as the Dark Stone?

  36. soxfanforever

    Young man unwittingly invites powerful fey lady home. Homestead fertility skyrockets. Surprising pregnancies “breed” competition.

  37. iacub

    Lucifer must defeat a demon trying to take over his corruption turf. Their battle takes place by competing to corrupt a family in their own specific way.

  38. MrWhoDatMan

    1970s suburbia. Mother, son and daughter forced to find a new home when dad leaves them for his secretary.

    The new home? Fun, younger aunt’s house with her two daughters. (a tomboy and shy girly girl).

    MC is in for a rough summer, surrounded by so many strong women until he finds a mysterious pendant necklace at the local antique store. A dark stone w red veins running through it.

    After that it’s disco dancing, roller-skating, Tupperware parties, Kung Fu movies, KISS music and the slow, irresistible corruption of all the women in the house. A building climax of secret trysts, escalating actions all behind the mothers back until she’s drawn into she takes the plunge too.

  39. Mithras

    Nice, naive boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend gets stone, girlfriend then her mother decend and impregnated.

  40. Jannic

    Drama students workshop playscript handwritten in strange ink, get _very_ into character, plot keeps…changing…

  41. divemaster99

    Jealous mother seeks revenge on son’s girlfriends only to get more to fulfil her fantasies.

  42. kraky

    Young man accidentally finds a subliminal-messaging program and molds family to his will.

  43. AtlachtNacha

    Y: The Last Man but with sex.

  44. heero2020

    Like “Lucifer” TV Show but MC just knows what people most desire (without asking)