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We’ll be wrapping up Mothership in two more chapters. That means I’ll start the haunted painting novel after that. I’d like you to suggest your title ideas for the novel in the comments below. The title must be no longer than five words, preferably shorter. And it should be related to the novel in some way. I’ll pick out my favorites along with some of mine for a reader poll.

The plot of the novel is that a woman purchases a portrait of the Palmers. Because her husband doesn’t care for it, she hangs it in her office. She has an eighteen-year-old son, and three daughters ages twenty, twenty-two, and twenty-five. The painting slowly corrupts her, and she is then the instrument of seduction for the rest of the family.

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  1. ElPescador

    I’d like to second “Portrait of Desire”.

  2. Emanon

    Trompe l’œil, Corrompe l’âme

  3. JTass

    How about you name the main character Doreen Grace or something close to that and title the story ‘The Painting of Doreen Grace’ (i.e., similar to The Portrait of Dorian Gray)?

    1. winds1888

      I was just about to make a comment suggesting dorian gray somehow.

  4. Stannis

    The title should be a play on The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde.

  5. Rolson1972

    A Portrait of Desire
    A Portrait of Corruption

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    Haunting Legacy: The Palmer Portrait

  7. rk24010

    The title should be the name of the painting the mother purchases. Like ‘The Lady in White’, ‘Eloise’s Desire’ etc.

  8. Evil Modder

    The Haunting of the Palmer Painting.

    or if that’s too close to Palmer Mansion…

    How about just The Painting?