Surviving the After Ch. 1 to 3

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Before there was Them, there was the Before. After They arrived, humanity found itself decimated in the After. On a small farm in the middle of nowhere, the Jones family tries to survive. Eighteen-year-old Malcolm must find his place in a lonely world without anyone but his loving mother, Abigail. Abigail must come to terms with their isolation, wresting with her growing needs, while keeping them one step ahead of raiders and Them.

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  1. anteater1

    The 2nd Chapter sex came as quickly as I do. (Lol. Joke.) How will the rest of the Chapters build up any anticipation?

  2. Mikey45

    I like this story so far, I hope there is a Father/Daughter part coming soon.

    1. Rawls

      I don’t have any plans to write a father/daughter part, but it’s possible.

  3. FrankLundgren

    I like the speed with which this story’s moving. Don’t get me wrong – I can appreciate the slow burn of the other tales – but it’s nice to have both in the library at one time.

    P.S. I always sort of assume characters will end up pregnant in your stories before long, so I’m not worried, but the deviant in me is craving a botched coitus interruptus sooner than later…

    1. Rawls

      I like to offer variety on my site. Not just for the members, but also to keep me interested in writing. I’m glad you’re enjoying this one 🙂

  4. Pain88

    Cuando publicas el siguiente capítulo?

    1. Rawls

      The first illustrated chapter should publish today, so the next text-only chapter will arrive in a couple weeks.

  5. BWayMarshall

    Great start, looking forward to the next chapter

  6. MsOedipusSex

    RawlyRawls: when will you have another ‘story idea submission’ poll? Resubscribed too late to submit my story idea (post-apocalyptic “Terminator”/1984 spoof), lol….

    – mainly set in 1984 (with some post-apocalyptic 2024 scenes, for backstory and if/when characters timehop to future)

    – enemy machines wreck original timeline by sending female droid that successfully kills Kyle, MC’s father

    – John, the MC, decides he must go back in time himself to 1984 in order to save Sarah, his mom (and his future self).

    – Enemy computer attack on the time portal causes a glitch that “de-ages” John about 22 years… instead of looking about 40 when he re-emerges in 1984, he now looks about 18-19 years old

    – Sarah (~22-24yo), traumatized and on the run from relentless female droid that killed Kyle, is driving through barren desert in her keep when she encounters naked/disoriented/de-aged John (not knowing this is her future son)…yes l know, kinda convenient encounter, but story needs to be kickstarted somehow

    – Back in the future (2024) the main villain Mother Brain (female personification of the entire enemy Machine Network “SKYLON”) is pleased with the new development—now female T-609 droid in 1984 that was sent back can take out both mother and son (both in one blow if Sarah herself is killed, since she may/may not already be pregnant with future John…)

    -what Mother Brain doesn’t factor in her cold calculations is the irrepressible and uncontrollable closeness and attraction that soon develops between John and Sarah as they stay one step ahead of the killer droid

    -the female droid may/may not eventually be flipped by John and Sarah to instead be their protector…if so, John renames her “Cameron” and passes her off (she looks about 21-23 years old) as his “sister”

    – as his feelings grow towards Sarah, John grows more and more reluctant to reveal who he really is to her…meanwhile, his once hatred towards the droid that had been bent on killing him and Sarah morphs from ambivalence to intrigue as the reprogrammed “Cameron” grows on him…

    – That’s the germ of my story idea; the rest of the tale I leave up to you…essentially the ultimate goal is to defeat Mother Brain/SKYLON, while at the same time John strives to protect his unborn self. The story will be driven by the tension/interaction between Sarah/John/“Cameron” ala Enki’s Puzzle mom/son/sister dynamic + “Cameron”’s journey to understand humanity + sex (pregnancy sex?)/action/guns/explosions….there maybe more female droids sent to kill the MC’s once it’s realized the T-609/Cameron has been flipped…maybe the female droid from T3

    – I mocked up what the four main characters looked like — essentially the SCC TV show characters, but with “80’s” hairstyles, to help any potential illustrator visualize their appearance (posted on your Discord general discussion a few days back)

    – Also, the characters’ names are open to be changed (if you don’t wanna incur any silly “copyright” complaints) though I’d at least keep them recognizable (i.e. “Sean”, “Tara”, “Bonner” etc.)

    1. Rawls

      I don’t know when I’ll put up another story idea post. I put them up as needed. Could be soon, or could be many months away. The story idea submissions are always limited to 15, 20, or at the most, 30 words.

      1. MsOedipusSex

        ? is the above story something you’d consider, should it win a poll? something more sci-fi/time-travel + action…always regretted that the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV show from around 15 years ago was so short-lived (only 2 seasons)—the attractive, younger-looking mom, more mature late-teen son and sexy/killer droid (posing as “sister”) & the good-looking actors they got to play those characters were always my fave to get adapted into a “taboo” story lol…

        1. Rawls

          Probably not a story I would write. I don’t like delving into direct parody of other’s IP, and I also don’t know anything about the Terminator universe (I saw the first two movies, and that’s it).

          1. MsOedipusSex

            alas…as I said, it’s only a “germ” for a story that in time may perhaps evolve from its “inspirations” into a saga of its own…or an intense short tale ??‍♀️ thanks though, for your consideration

            1. Rawls

              Sure thing. I’m looking forward to your pitches next time there’s a suggestion post.

  7. Zesty _D

    I love post apocalyptic stories! I can’t wait for more of this one.