Text for The Pleistocene Ring Chapter 2 available.

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The text for The Pleistocene Ring Chapter 2 can be found in Zapped! and Other Short Stories starting on page 35. Time to meet the djinn!

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  1. Schunn99

    Looking forward for the bellies swelling, mom’s and sally’s? Assuming the Mc takes her as well in the next 28 days to forestall the djinn’s wrath and punishment.

  2. Kuanyang

    It would be nice to sometimes be able to get/read the update without re-downloading everything..

    Love the writing and thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Rawls

      I used to do it that way on Subscribestar, but updating the whole story was more practical. Thanks for the support and the feedback!

  3. TBizEsq

    Your cliff hangers are always tantalizing.