The Barter

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An elf is too scared to have sex with his future wife. To get over his fear, he strikes a bargain with a succubus.

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Illustrations by SatanicFruitcake:

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  1. Kuanyang

    There is much potential for a story about how the bond is forged tighter, and how the succubus may be lingering for her own amusement.

    But I think this was intended as a one shot. ¡Que lastima!

    1. Rawls

      Yes, another one-shot. Back when I was getting to know SatanicFruitcake.

  2. RedSarah

    I wonder what happens with Thea. Is he a magical stud now? Does he become attractive to everyone?

  3. 7Myxzptlk

    Loved it. I would love for the succubus to return for a sequel, maybe with same mom/son or different family to feed off of?

  4. Dogboy1313

    Loved the story and artwork. I’d love to see a follow up as well!

  5. parsec

    Great story. I think one of your best.

  6. Anteater

    This is a one-shot, correct? The ending makes me want to read more.

  7. Simon S.

    This was a fantastic surprise! Great work.

  8. Noat

    Loved this story. The art and the story is amazing. The mother looks super hot and the son looks very good too. I have a weak spot for succubuses and SatanicFruitcake’s design of the succubus is amazing. The art of the sex scenes is also very hot. I love the sexiness of the Succubus and how the succubus takes over the mother, and when the succubus leaves the mother’s body and the mother continues was super hot. I also find the nickname Lyra has for her son very cute. I love that the succubus was still there in the end whispering in Lyra’s ears.

  9. angelcube

    Love the art and writing on this!