The Enchanted Scepter Ch. 1 to 2

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When their town is sacked by orcs, a human mother and son rescue a mysterious scepter from a burning shrine. They must flee into the perilous Mottled Forest where they encounter all sorts of nefarious magical creatures. Everyone they meet harbors their own desires for the scepter.

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Illustrations by Owusyr:

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  1. gamecoke689

    This is probably my favorite current artist that is working with you.

  2. Dogboy1313

    I can’t wait until Marco makes his mother sing a duet with him. 😉

    1. Rawls

      He’ll need to focus if he’s going to rescue her!

  3. Crotcher

    Love this illustrator fast becoming my new fav!

  4. bman

    Nice story, although after almost 2 months of waiting I expected more erotic illustrations for it, there was a little more in the first chapter. Having said that, I will be looking forward to the next chapter if or when it is to come out.

  5. Jabba87

    This is great when will the next chapter come out?

  6. Anteater

    The first chapter is great, I would not change a thing. I love Helen and her picture.

  7. bman

    Looking forward to the next illustrated chapter. Good Start!

  8. Pereos

    Would love a series, even if you can only post the text story in advance

    1. Rawls

      You’re in luck! I’ll be writing the next chapter in a week or two. The text always releases before the illustrated version.

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