The Guide Ch. 1 to 6

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An eighteen-year-old finds step-by-step instructions for seducing his mother. It isn’t easy, but with a little help from The Guide, he makes his dreams come true.

Narration by HannahSlamma: and Reddit

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  1. Dogboy1313

    I can’t wait for the Guide to be finished! So hot

  2. Dogboy1313

    I usually avoid audio stories. But this is awesome! I hope you and Hannahslamma continue to collaborate together.

    1. Rawls

      I love working with HannahSlamma, lots more collaborations on the way 🙂

  3. Holyx

    Hey Rawly I can’t seem to download chapter 3 audio?

    1. Rawls

      Hello! I’m not sure why that would be. I just tried it and it’s working for me. Can you download it in a different browser?

  4. cmj15301

    Why are there only a few audio files?

    1. Rawls

      We started audio recently. We’re adding about two per month.

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