The Hidden Stone

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A woman’s creepy brother-in-law pays a visit.

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Illustrations by Owusyr:

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      1. Anteater


        I just think it could have been referenced being somewhere. Nothing specific but mentioning something is odd about the house so as to give suspicion. The stone is not seen but makes it clear it is there.

  1. randomuser1223

    You forgot to list this one in the box on the selection page.

    1. Rawls

      I’m not sure what that means. Which box?

      1. randomuser1223

        The list of updates at the top of the page. It goes from “Coyote’s Trick Ch. 1 to 4” to “Mothership Wilderness Ch. 1”, but this release falls between them.

        1. Rawls

          You mean the “Stories in Progress” banner? The Hidden Stone is a one-shot story, so it’s not in progress. That banner is only to let you know which stories are expected to have future chapters.

          1. randomuser1223

            Ah, I hadn’t expected it to be a one-shot. I’d thought it could’ve lasted a few more chapters. Probably not many, but I could see it going for three or four more: two or three leading up to the marriage plus one or two after.

            1. Rawls

              I try to write all the one-shots to hint at bigger worlds, but not all of them will get explored. 🙂

              1. randomuser1223

                You do you. You do it well enough.

  2. ChromeDragon

    Rougher style art though very fitting of the story. The faces (innocence of the brother’s wife and the smugness’ of the brother in law are perfect.)
    I like the small details too the background pictures of the happy married couple etc. Add to things.

    Great work Owusyr, think you captured this story perfectly.