The Missus Stone Chapter 1 illustrated is live.

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You can find the chapter here. A mother puts on the missus ring.

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  1. level88

    Clicked the link “chapter here.” (, got “404: Page Not Found”. Is it possible that this story got confused with “The Missus RING”?

    Is there any connection between “The Missus STONE” and “The Missus RING”?
    Answered my own question: Managed to find The Missus STONE chapter 1, the first and last couple of paragraphs appear to be the same as The Missus RING chapter 1.

    Have I overlooked something about The Missus STONE story being rebooted as The Missus RING?
    I keep finding answers my own questions … eventually. The Missus Ring Ch. 1 to 10 (, bottom comment: “Yes, the illustrator couldn’t continue past chapter 1, so this is a reboot.”

    I think I’ll take a break now. Thank you for some great stories!

    1. Rawls

      Yes, I retitled the same story when I rebooted it with Lexx. Nice detective work!

      1. level88

        Dons Inspector Clouseau costume, “The Pink Panther Theme” plays in the background, Cato is preparing to spring from top of bookcase …
        Hmmm, should info like this be in the wiki? Who begat whom?

        1. Rawls

          I’ll leave that up to the wiki folks. I’m always happy to answer questions, too.

  2. hitmangrim

    This is actually a pretty intresting start. please more!