The Missus Ring Ch. 1 to 29

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Beware of mysterious shops curated by strange men wearing wizard hats. If you find a ring in such a place, don’t let your mother put it on.

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  1. pennsyneil

    Great Evans comments got Ava thinking and she has figured it out on her own .Lets see how mom handles this news. Remember they are both the wife woman

  2. pennsyneil

    This sucks Ava can’t be out of the story see was what worth looking forward to.Mom and Evan just having sex is boring.What about the ring won’t we see its promise come true. How can Evan not be in love or have a crush on Ava after just one day.

    1. Rawls

      Who said Ava was out of the story? 🙂

  3. pennsyneil

    Rereading the story and comments again I find that Amy and Ava are the same person with a 20 yr age difference Ava blue hair wild and crazy, Amy purple haired wild and crazy. There are 2 Amys the loving wife and mother (good mom) the other the wife women mom (bad mom). Bad mom does what ever see wants to get her way, controls Evam with sex She lies cheats steals hurts to get her orgsam so who is the real viliain Ava or Amy?

    1. Rawls

      The ring is making Amy more like Ava, but Amy was not like that before the ring.

  4. pennsyneil

    Well Evan is starting to understand the ring. Seems like Ava may understand it too , but does she know the power runs thur Evan .Moms ass is great but Ava’s will be better.

  5. Rawls

    I find it really interesting how many of my readers get upset when things go wrong for the protagonist. It’s a compliment that I’ve written characters you care about. This is when having to publish in an episodic way is a disadvantage. It would be better if the reader could keep reading right through the stress of betrayal to find out how it resolves. Don’t worry, there will be a happy ending.

    1. ReadRawls69

      Ava has been perfectly despicable from the start & seeing her sully the love story, getting the better of our couple is uncomfortable. Well done though & I believe the bow is being drawn for perfect bullseye!

      1. Rawls

        Thank you for the comment! I hope the ending is indeed satisfying!

    2. Subpar

      I believe that it is a good villain that makes a good story, not the hero. Heroes react to what the villain does. So a well written villain makes the hero. A badly written one is boring and makes for a bad story. I like that Ava has her own motives and is not just a sex doll for the hero to fuck. It adds additional complexity and challenge to the story.

      1. Rawls

        I appreciate the comment. 🙂 Ava is a wily villain! Like villains in most of my stories, she’ll lose in the end.

  6. Tony Strokes

    Man, it’s so disappointing the direction this story is going. Chapter 18-22 were peak, but this? This is such a complete downgrade in comparison. And the chapter started off so well too. I’m so disappointed in the writing of Evan, dude has absolutely zero spine whatsoever, even in a situation where he’s completely in the right. And Mom went from caring & seemingly loving her son, to being this young girl’s lapdog (literally), and he does absolutely nothing but watch it?? Yeah, really disappointed as a fan of this story.

  7. Rapiddave

    Damnn this chapter is 🔥 🔥…but I agree Evan shouldn’t be cucked any further. Now this is Evan‘s big moment to go in and take charge. He’s been kinda at the mercy of his mom and Ava so far. This is his opportunity use this scenario to his benefit, take charge and go in and fuck both of them…in all 3 of their holes! Evan deserves his mom’s ass not Ava!

    1. ReadRawls69

      Might be a good time for the shopkeeper to show up w/ some help?

  8. Dragoonz99

    I feel like this chapter was the first big miss, imo. Cucking isn’t for everyone and I’m definitely one of em

    Though it isnt even just about that. Both of the girls do such shitty things in this chapter that just make them seem like terrible people. They both acknowledge what they’re doing is hurting the MC but then do what they want anyway, and there’s no way back from that. One tried apologizing then went and did the exact thing she was ‘sorry’ for, again. And we’re supposed to want MC to bang them? Shit, get them as far outta my life as possible

  9. pennsyneil

    This is great Evan just needs to go back in and fuck the shit out of Ava

  10. Dogboy1313

    Mission accomplished in chapter 25! Glad all that cum went to good use

  11. HeliasAlun2488

    Hopefully the sisters next ?

  12. Thomas_windsor

    Dammnnnnnnnnnnn. This was a fire chapter! Love the relationship between Evan and his mom

  13. pennsyneil

    Well now we know why Evan can’t ask Ava to the prom Moms jealous guess she likes the blue hair Evan should stop get up and tell her to call Ava for a come to Jesus meeting.

  14. Tony Strokes

    Wow! I must say, I was really anticipating and getting slightly antsy about an eventual pregnancy announcement from Evan’s Mom. However, I’m also floored by this reveal that she’s been seeing Ava on the side, the girl she claimed not to like and admonished Evan for expressing interest in. Though it might ruin the mood, I really hope Evan calls her out on this obvious hypocrisy and doesn’t just give her a pass for it. Really looking forward to the next release.

  15. jYB6Pcd6

    Great story. Many questions still to be answered. Where is the ring now? What does Mrs Anelar do when no one is wearing the ring?

  16. pennsyneil

    Looks like it time for Evam to take control and tell the truth come clean with Ava and tell her the rings purpose Break it off with mom ,dads getting wise and my find out on his own

  17. Jockster84

    Why is “this story” (The Missus Ring) right now the only one you have worth reading… I enjoyed reading the “Mothership Wilderness” & “There’s Something in the Water”, especially the artwork done by Redoxa… I miss those type of stories…

    1. Rawls

      Worth reading to you. And only you have the answer to your question. I enjoy all the stories I have going right now 🙂 There are over 2,600 paying members on this site, and many of them have different tastes. If you don’t like my writing, it maybe that the membership isn’t worth it to you. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  18. thebadtrojan

    Yes to anal!! Great chapter!

  19. jYB6Pcd6

    I need more of this story. There are too many unanswered questions.

  20. Thomas_windsor

    Yeeeeeeeee. What another great chapter. I love the relationship between Amy and Evan so much in this story. And very nice that Amy is taking risky creampies on the daily now!

  21. Jacobsladder

    Any idea when the next update for this?

    1. Rawls

      You can always check Discord to see that sort of thing. I just sent the latest chapter to the proofreaders.

      1. thebadtrojan

        The invite takes you to the app store

        1. Rawls

          You can sign up for Discord without the app on a desktop, but I think the Discord app is the only way to check it out on mobile.

  22. Jacobsladder

    Great story. I hope the whole thing gets on smashwords at some point. I like a conclusion when I read.

    1. Rawls

      I appreciate the positive feedback. Yes, all my stories go up on Smashwords when they’re done.

  23. DrScribe

    Living the turn around after the ring was no longer needed for the Mrs. Kinda hoping that Ava and her boyfriend become enough of a problem/our MC and Co. can’t come up with a good enough solution that they need one more item from the magic shop. Perhaps a lacey old school choker that would fit in with a maid outfit meant to make the wearer listen to what they say and alter them into more of what the owner or person who put it on them wants/needs. Could lead to some interesting bodily changes to Gavin (soon to be Gracie?) After Ava would share the high.

  24. thebadtrojan

    I really hope you have a very, very long term plan for this story. Best and hottest mom animations and scenes by far! Keep it up!

    1. Rawls

      Glad you’re enjoying it! It is winding to a close, but there are bunch more chapters yet to come.

      1. thebadtrojan

        I hope at least 30 chapters!! 😉

        1. Rawls

          It’s possible. It all depends on how difficult Ava intends to be 🙂

  25. ReadRawls69

    Any chance Lily Green is vacationing at the same hotel?

  26. Planet4

    Seventeen chapters in and this story has become one of my favorites. It’s number two behind only Enki’s at the moment, I’m excited to see where it goes. Great stuff!

  27. hd04

    Let’s hope the ring has lost it’s power and Ava does not get the high she wanted 🙂

    1. ReadRawls69

      Or that it’s power does something else to a dastardly thief? I’d bet the old shopkeeper has something in mind for Ava.

  28. Patcouples

    Thanks for additional chapter – Each one gets better and better ! Can’t wait for the next.

  29. ReadRawls69

    Love how over breakfast she wisely advised him to never put his ‘ahem’ in crazy but by that very evening he had two arguably crazed women ready to go. Pretty much how that goes in life.

  30. Thomas_windsor

    fuck yea! what a good chapter. I gotta say I am really loving this story. I know its one of the shorter, not main, story lines, but it’s fucking mint! Blowing Evan in front of that couple on the trail and admitting she is his mom… Damn, you know Evan’s mom, not the wife lady, is gonna secretly be super into it.

    I really do Love the way this story is progressing. I also really like how its almost exclusively focused on the mom. I hope she gives Evan many gorilla babies!

    Thanks for the great story!

  31. Patcouples

    This story is great! You should add chapters at least twice a month.

    1. Rawls

      Fortunately, Lexx is consistently fast so we should continue to have chapters about once a month.

  32. Joe McNamara

    Hey, in Chapter 7, there’s a reference to an Ava & a Gavin Roslin — I’m assuming these are references to another story of yours? If so: mind cluing me in? I searched the site a bit & couldn’t find anything.

    1. Rawls

      Ava Roslin is a character that has been referenced several times in this story, but we see her for the first time in Chapter 7. Gavin is not a Roslin, he’s her boyfriend, and he’s been referenced before in this story, too. Chapter 7 is also the first time we see him in person. They aren’t in any other stories.

      1. Dogboy1313

        Nice ending to Ch. 8. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Let’s hope for running out of condoms and then the magic happens

  33. rtr9209

    Another great story! I really like the illustrations by Lexx228.

  34. halec

    hey! love your stories so far! i kinda like to binge read and was wondering how many chapters you think are gonna be in this story?

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure, I think this story could go for a while. The good news is that we should get a chapter a month, so it should move right along.

  35. Patcouples

    Great story! !!
    Please provide new chapters soon.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! We should get a new chapter every month.

  36. ElPescador

    More of this please. The story, the illustrator. Top notch.