The Stone in the Lake

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A mother and daughter backpacking trip takes an unexpected turn when the daughter finds something at the bottom of a lake.

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Illustrations by HeavyMilkBlack:

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3.9 out of 5 dark stones (based on 9 reviews)
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  1. Slick Pillar

    Boy, what I would give to have this one redone, probably with a new artist. Also, at least 3 chapters. I love seeing a woman 1 on 1 with her mom for a change. So hot

  2. ChromeDragon

    I liked the story it was different with the all female perspective and characters. That stone will work it’s power on anyone available.
    The artwork kind of had a weird effect on me. If it had maintained a single style like the cover style with it’s almost unfinished look I would have been ok. I just felt the characters looked different in different pictures.

  3. Anteater

    Normally 1st-persons narrations take away the eroticism for me. This however prevented this and allowed me to enjoy the story. I am not sure about the illustrations though. They looked a little to much like paintings.