The text for Revenge of the Stone is live.

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You can find the text for the latest Dark Stone Vignette on page 78 of Zapped! and Other Short Stories. In the summer before college, a young man seeks revenge against the bully who torments him. He uses a dark stone.

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  1. ChromeDragon

    I didn’t know if I would like this story when I read the the summary.
    I was more then happily surprised and loved this story !
    The story starting with the young man’s mother already his lover and him willingly hiding it from his dad and worried about that.
    The mother tending to his wounds lovingly and caring about him as a mother beyond just being a sexual plaything was perfect at showing a somewhat normal life can and does still go on in these families. (Bravo)
    The young man saying his mom was always cool even before the stone, shows he loves and cared about her and thought she was on his side even before the stone came into his life, and I found this small detail wonderful.

    His revenge showed how the stone worked better then some of the stories. Showing even against people who hated the young man it worked. The fact they could still vent anger at him was interesting. Made me want to take a trip inside their head and see what was going on. Also even though he was taking his anger out he showed some mercy in his own way.

    It was a very interesting, very different story and I am glad people voted this story as the one to get written.

    Great Work, Rawly.

    1. Rawls

      Great feedback. I didn’t think you would like this one, you surprised me 🙂

  2. R03N

    Revenge of the Stone.
    Would you consider expanding this into a full 12 part charter story? The premise is interesting. Whereas alot of your stories journey from zero to conquest. Revenge of the stone is like a sequel, what happens after the conquest of the mother, the expanding storyline.

    1. Rawls

      When I hold a suggestion post for new stories, feel free to suggest this. If it wins, I would expand on it. But I designed the short to be self contained.