The Warlock of Claws Ch. 1 to 6

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The Barrocal family are not in Kansas anymore. A twister pulls up their house and dumps it in a magical land. Now, the Barrocal’s must survive the Mottled Forest and find the Warlock of Claws: the only man powerful enough to send them home.

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Illustrations by DixonLyrax:

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  1. cmj15301

    This is a story that I didn’t think I would like when it first started…however, as I got into it I do enjoy it very much. Love the Wizard of Oz parallel

  2. Osiris908

    I’d love to see more NTR with son and mom in your stories. There’s some in this story and in Roll Ten I think. It can be really hot if done well and I know you’d do it well. Check out Home Run by sa2222 on literotica for an example. It’s the hottest story I’ve found in that realm. Doesn’t overdo it like so many stories with a villainous bully. Love to see a story where son isn’t even attracted to mom in beginning and is repulsed and angered that a friend or classmate is attempting to bed his mom while she tries to fend him off but slowly and reluctantly gives him a bit at a time just to go away. Son spies on them and ever so slowly gets really turned on. Whaddya think? Do you even do commissions like this? I just know you’d write it so perfectly.

    1. Rawls

      There might be some more here and there, but it’s not a focus of my stories. You can always pitch something like this the next time I open a post up for story suggestions.

      I don’t take any commissions.

      1. Osiris908

        Yeah I know it’s not a focus of your stories but it might be a nice change of pace story to introduce. It wouldn’t have any m/ s action in first few chapters (but neither do many of your stories) and it could heat up slowly with the good stuff happening later on. Maybe take a vote on it? To me, obv I love your stories (why else would I be here?!) and this would be something a bit different but still in the same overall category we’re all here for running along with the rest of your more traditional stories.

        1. Rawls

          You can always suggest you idea when I have a suggestion post and people will vote on it.

    2. cmj15301

      I appreciate you mentioning a hot story on Lit. I read lots of different types, and the genre you suggest sounds hot to me….and finding a good story on Lit can be hard – I don’t feel like the site does a very good job linking or directing the reader to similar stories that you add to your favorites.

  3. BWayMarshall

    Reading the latest chapter, I’m finding I’m enjoying this story a lot more than I thought. The familial aspects of fantasy story combine with Rawly’s erotica writing is making this one of my new favorites. Not too mention the illustrations are great.

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the feedback! It’s a fun, creepy story, with fun, creepy illustrations. I’m really happy with how this one is shaping up.

  4. BWayMarshall

    Great illustrations and story so far. Looking forward to more chapters.

    1. Anteater

      I could not have said it better myself.

  5. 7Myxzptlk

    Great art and a good start to the story. Can’t wait for second chapter and how the adventure escalates.