The Warlock of Claws Ch. 1 to 2

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The Barrocal family are not in Kansas anymore. A twister pulls up their house and dumps it in a magical land. Now, the Barrocal’s must survive the Mottled Forest and find the Warlock of Claws: the only man powerful enough to send them home.

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  1. Maxsyllver

    I’m hoping Isabel will get some action with some of the fantasy races in this story and that first time will be a bit longer to make up for it being skipped for the brother and sister

  2. comicrelief

    I just realized that a 60 year old mystery may have just been solved.
    The first tornado I ever saw was in 1964. As well as taking my aunt’s chicken house it hit two parked Gleaner combines. One was rolled up in a tight ball and sat next to the road a half a mile from where it started. It sat there for the next fifteen years. The other one was seen going up into the tornado and has never been found.
    Obviously it is in The Mottled Forest.

  3. 7Myxzptlk

    That name is so on the nose, I love it 😁LOL . Also, I’m loving the more diverse casting with MC & family. Isabela, Emilio, Ana Sofia.

  4. comicrelief

    I want everyone to know that not all of us Kansans get sucked up like spaghetti noodles by tornadoes. Just thought I’d let you all know.😁LOL

  5. Will

    I think that is going to be an interesting story. My problem is that I have many stories that I would like to see more chapters finished. There are so many loose threads from some very interesting stories.

    1. Rawls

      The newest illustrator didn’t want to work on an existing story, so here we are.