The Wicked Tower Chapter 16 is here.

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It starts on page 170. At the palace, a bold rescue in the heart of the Wicked Tower. In Ostia Novus, a collision of sorceresses.

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  1. Uberlad654

    Good chapter! Really liked the scene with the queens.

    1. Schunn99

      Yep agreed, the regents scene was quite good

  2. Schunn99

    Hmm, Merope’s pregnancy is faster than normal, odd. More of the regent’s stolen divine magic from their previous battle? I could see that sorcereress’ plan was foolish, easily countered and crushed by the regents. I am thinking that Vel’s and Naevia, Delia’s plan will be stronger. As those three are Disordia’s champions, or they had her favor, perhaps? Unless Discordia is using those three as a conduit for her magic back into the world?

    1. Schunn99

      And the sorceress is banished, for her schemes and potential power grab too? Hmm interesting to see where the next chapters are going as bellies start to swell with Vel’s progeny / heirs. And more of the magics are revealed to us

      1. Rawls

        Yes, her pregnancy is accelerated. That will be answered. As far as Discordia’s champions … the goddess isn’t really one to take sides. She just enjoys chaos. So much so, that she ended her power sharing arrangement with Pax to her own detriment. Chaos cannot survive without order.

        1. Schunn99

          But Discordia thrives on sowing chaos and strife, you would think that she would want agents or champions to help sow more chaos, therefore increasing her power. Hmm but why is Merope’s pregnancy accelerated, to what ends does that accomplish for the regents’ plans? Or for the timetable of the completion of their blessed tower? Unless Merope is just a plaything and Cesphea is just planning on to keep fucking and impregnating Merope again and again at an accelerated pace?

          1. Rawls

            Merope is not the target, just wrong place wrong time. There are many more like her. Discordia is chaos, and so she does poorly with planning, and often works against her own best interests. Hekate on the other hand …