Under Fire Ch. 1 to 3

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A military mother comes home and finds that her son has started his own massage business.

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Illustrations by JDseal: https://subscribestar.adult/dark-stone-stories

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  1. pragmaticromantic

    In three weeks, it’ll be a year since the last chapter. Is it safe to say it’s no longer continuing at this point?

    1. Rawls

      It’s up to JDseal. He says he’s still working on it. Hopefully we’ll get another chapter soon, but I have no recent updates.

      1. Rawls

        I have an update. I talked to JDseal. Under Fire will continue, but with less illustrations per chapter, and it will be in black and white instead of color.

        1. pragmaticromantic

          I appreciate the reply and I’m glad there was a compromise reached, but that was 3 months ago and there’s still nothing. I understand JD Seal has his own projects that he focuses on, so maybe it’s best for all parties to pivot to another artist to finish this project?

          1. Rawls

            It’s complicated because JD and I are friends, and he was the first illustrator I collaborated with. I owe a lot of my process to his great ideas. For example, the whole idea of creating graphic novels rather than comics was his (I had planned on trying my hand at comics, but the long prose works much better for me). Anyway, sigh, you’re right of course. But I’m going to give it more time and see what happens.

  2. Tony Strokes

    It’s honestly a shame that this doesn’t appear to be continuing.

    1. Rawls

      JDseal has his own schedule. When we started this one, he warned me that there might be significant time between chapters.

  3. Pkacua

    Is this on hiatus? Been a long time since it updated, and it was just picking up.

    1. Rawls

      When we started this project, JDseal said he wouldn’t work on it regularly. He’s working on a lot of his own stories. I think we can expect a couple chapters a year, or there abouts.

      1. FXBFGT

        Any chance of this continuing on in text Rawls or is this purely a collaborative project? the wait is killing me haha

        1. Rawls

          Sorry, I’m very busy keeping up with the ongoing shorts. When JDseal finishes chapter 3, I’ll write chapter 4.

  4. horahloux

    slowly build up to him fucking the mom!

  5. Pkacua

    Love this so much, jdseal makes magic with you rawly. I hope the mom gets a reveal in the next one, and involved in the one after that.

  6. mdb9555

    Dude this series has crazy potential. Incredible story and art so far. I love the mom is such a hardass. Makes the hesitation more real. Also, something insanely hot about the mom’s friend betraying her trust like that. Can’t wait for more.

  7. Anteater

    Chapter 2, definitely better than the first. JDseal did great with the artwork. I like the relationship Ben has with Morgan and Gretta.

    I think Morgan’s feelings are love but Gretta sounds more like lust. Am I right or not?

  8. FreshlySnipes

    Looking forward to the next chapter. Also fantastic illustrations. Hope artist takes in more of your future projects

    1. DM1485

      lol, JD used to be THE artist for ALL of Rawls’ projects (check the archives). He got burnt out doing the stuff, and wanted to work on his own stuff, so i left for a while…..which is why Palmer Mansion got rebooted, because JD just couldn’t work on it anymore. A shame, because his art fit so perfectly with the story. Rawls and JD still make a hell of a team.

      1. DM1485

        HE…he left for a while….


        1. Rawls

          Adding an edit button and not making people scroll to the bottom of the comments are on my list of site fixes.

  9. Anteater

    Something tells me she’ll be sooorry.

  10. Crotcher

    Yay JDSeal is back! Missed you both working together, its what first brought me over to your work. He really does bring your work to life!

  11. Slick Pillar

    Well, initially I wasn’t psyched this was the story that won. Not because my story didn’t, mind you but because I thought the pitch for this one was generic and bland. I realize now Rawls could probably make any story idea good. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m overjoyed JDseal is the illustrator. Karen’s design is smoking hot, I’m really looking forward to mom getting pumped full of cum (I hope). I love the Dark Stone making an unexpected appearance. All great stuff, especially since it feels like such a teaser for things to come (cum).

    Constructive criticisms: The first block of text alone has a bunch of words missing spaces and mashed together. I’m no grammar nazi so I don’t really care. It’s just noticeable because it keeps happening and makes me think the story was written in a rush, which is impressive if anything.
    The other being JDseal needs to read the scripts more carefully. I’m pretty sure every story he’s illustrated for Rawls he at least a few times makes an illustration that doesn’t match the text. Here it’s the text describing Benjamin slapping her ass with his cock while the illustration shows him with cock on top of Gretta’s lower back. I’ve been rereading THOPM and a bunch of times his illustrations don’t match the text descriptions, jarring me out of the story. Otherwise, he’s still my favorite illustrator and I greatly appreciate you working things out with him Rawly. Thank you both very much! Loves yous!

    1. Rawls

      Appreciate the feedback. The formatting was the culprit for the missing spaces. I’ll mention that to JDseal. As for not matching the text, JD and I have a different process than with most of the other illustrators, and sometimes things slip through.

  12. Rawls

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. JDseal and I are both having fun with this one.

  13. NegativeEnergy

    Nice, JDSeal is a good artist with a style that speaks to my taste.

  14. 7Myxzptlk

    The son is gonna help her relax and she’s gonna be a grandmother so many times over. Even if she has to have one of her grandchildren.

  15. Lobria

    Honestly Rawls it’s good to see you two working togther again especially on a continuing story. This feels like your old stories and if I have to be honest I wish it wasn’t a short story I wish it was a main one. This story is to good for short. But of it means we get Jd back then I guess I’ll deal with it. But I do hope you bring the asshole son back in your main stories again as the main character. I miss that. Anyways good to see this. I’m super excited to see more. He’ll yeah. Anyways see you later Rawls and Jd.

  16. Holyx

    It good to see more collaboration between the two of you.