Upcoming illustrated projects for August 2023 and beyond.

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Here is a list of all the planned illustrated projects. Some are one time events, others will repeat.

  1. Enki’s Puzzle with TenderMinDD (ETA every one to two months)

  2. The Trouble with Entrabide with Mitzz (ETA every one to two months)

  3. The Wicked Tower with SatanicFruitcake (ETA every one to two months)

  4. Inevitable with SeventeenSam (ETA every one to two months)

  5. Surviving the After with TravisPLS (ETA every one to two months)

  6. Palmer Legacy with AkyraRayne  (ETA every one to two months)

  7. My Mother’s Secret Identity with Adun (ETA every one to two months)

  8. The Missus Ring with Lexx228 (ETA every one to two months)

  9. La Belle Ile en Mere with Sezlov (ETA every one to two months)

  10. Princess Na’Seen with Heall (ETA every one to two months)

  11. Murder at Palmer Lodge with Laimov (ETA every one to two months)

  12. Cursed Recollections with BSA (ETA every one to two months)

  13. The Pleistocene Ring with Disarten (ETA every one to two months)

  14. Roll Ten for a Save with DixonLyrax (ETA every one to two months)

  15. Elora’s Taste of Dark Magic with CreamCadet (ETA every three to four months)

  16. Anything for Robby with NickEronic (ETA every three to four months)

  17. Under Fire with JDseal (release unknown)

  18. Freya’s Lottery with M-Slava (release unknown)

  19. Nosferatu Next Door with EsotericBunny (release unknown)

  20. Marooned Christmas with BSA (release unknown)

  21. Mothership Wilderness with Redoxa (release unknown)

  22. Something in the Water with Redoxa (release unknown)

  23. A New Aztec Dynasty with Redoxa (release unknown)

  24. The McAllister Method with Redoxa (release unknown)


All expected release dates are approximated based on the illustrator’s schedule and may change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. chesswing

    Hey Rawly, I am curious about some of the projects that weren’t mentioned. I saw from the Short Stories doc that Chronicles of Abrollin is on hold, but I was curious if there is a known time range for continuation. Also, is Never Insult a Repecki finished, or is it also just on hold? Same question about time if so. Is there a time for the last illustrated chapter of A Spell Cast Poorly? Lastly, any updates on the new artist for The Enchanted Scepter?

    I love your work, so I was just curious. As far as I could tell, you’ve addressed all of the other stories on their completion or if/why they are on hold.


    1. Rawls

      Sezlov is working on La Belle, so Abrollin is on a long-term hold for now. Never Insult a Repecki is open to continuation depending on if the artist can resume work on Anything for Robby and finish it. A Spell Cast Poorly is cancelled: too many reboots for that one so I smothered the story gently with a pillow. No updates for Enchanted Scepter: BSA has interest in it, but that would have to be after Cursed Recollections is complete.

  2. Holyx

    Hey Rawly what going on with Redoxa? His patreon page is gone. Is he still with us or has he pass away?

    1. Rawls

      I’ll post an update about this soon. The short answer is I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good.