Upcoming illustrated projects for August and beyond.

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Here is a list of all the planned illustrated projects. Some are one time events, others will repeat.

  1. Enki’s Puzzle with TenderMinDD (this month)

  2. Noises in the Basement with Lexx228 (this month)

  3. Dragon’s Blood with Mitzz (this month)

  4. The Haunting of Palmer Mansion with JDseal (release unkown)

  5. Coyote’s Trick with TenderMinDD (this month)

  6. The Pleistocene Ring with Disarten (release unkown)

  7. Nosferatu Next Door with Boule (release unkown)

  8. Zapped! with Mslava (release unkown)

  9. The Jealous Girlfriend with SeventeenSam (this month)

  10. Never Insult a Repecki with NickEronic (this month)

  11. Faaris Bakir’s Summer Off with Redoxa (this month)

  12. The Talk with NGTVisualStudio (this month)

  13. Something in the Water with NGTVisualStudio (release unknown)

  14. Princess Na’Seen with  Dee Aquifolium (release unknown)

  15. A Goddess Pays Her Debts with FoxBlack  (this month)

  16. Erato’s Mirror with Calico Moss (this month)

  17. The Twins, the Tiger, and the Missing Caravel with JustPumpkin (release unkown)

  18. The Stone Hertz with HeavyMilkBlack (this month)

  19. A Spell Cast Poorly with Conduit (next month)

  20.  The Surrogate Wife with Laimov (next month)

  21. The Revenge of the Stone with SatanicFruitcake (next month)

  22. Elora’s Taste of Dark Magic with CreamCadet (this month)

  23. The Stone’s Plunge with Bwibbles (next month)


All expected release dates are approximated based on the illustrator’s schedule and may change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Kuanyang

    Gotta say, having multiple illustrators has been great as there’s a pretty constant stream of stuff. Thanks!

    Right now it’s working through a lot of the previously written stories, with some possible continuations. Do you anticipate this slowing down at some point as the illustrators catch up with your written work?

    Also, I think focusing on one or two stories is really helping both output and continuity.

    1. Rawls

      I have only two shorts in my available stories folder right now. So, yes, I’ve worked my way through a lot of my writing. Illustrated projects will ebb and flow depending on how much writing I have available. Also, I still have TWT and Mothership available for the right artist. I write about 6 to 8 shorts a month, so on average, expect that amount plus the longer stories like Enki, Palmer Mansion, etc.

  2. ThomasEGB

    Excited to see these come out. BTW, the Discord link on the homepage is expired, any chance we can get a permanent link?

    1. Rawls

      Which link is expired? I just tested the links on the site and got them to work. Let me know and I’ll update it.

      1. ThomasEGB

        Nvm. Looks like the link to discord at the top of the homepage (on the banner) is invalid but the one at the bottom works.

        1. Rawls

          That’s really helpful, I didn’t remember to change that link. Thank you! All the links should be working now.