Upcoming illustrated projects for December 2022 and beyond.

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Here is a list of all the planned illustrated projects. Some are one time events, others will repeat.

  1. Enki’s Puzzle with TenderMinDD (this month)

  2. Under Fire with JDseal (release unknown)

  3. Dragon’s Blood with Mitzz (this month)

  4. The Wicked Tower with SatanicFruitcake (this month)

  5. The Pleistocene Ring with Disarten (release unknown)

  6. The Sex Talk with SeventeenSam (this month)

  7. Mothership Wilderness with Redoxa (release unknown)

  8. Something in the Water with Redoxa (release unkown)

  9. A New Aztec Dynasty with Redoxa (on hold)

  10. Five Twisted Wishes with FoxBlack  (this month)

  11. The Missus Ring with Lexx228 (this month)

  12.  The Surrogate Wife with Laimov (release unknown)

  13. Cursed Recollections with BSA (this month)

  14. Elora’s Taste of Dark Magic with CreamCadet (release unknown)

  15. Anything for Robby with NickEronic (release unknown)

  16. Freya’s Lottery with M-Slava (release unkown)

  17. Nosferatu Next Door with EsotericBunny (this month)

  18. Princess Na’Seen with Heall (this month)

  19. A Spell Cast Poorly with JackTheMonkey (this month)

  20. My Mother’s Secret Identity with anonymous artist (release unknown)

  21. Nefarious Elves with TenderMindd (this month)

  22. Marooned Christmas with BSA (this month)


All expected release dates are approximated based on the illustrator’s schedule and may change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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