Upcoming illustrated projects for January 2024 and beyond.

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Here is a list of all the planned illustrated projects. Some are one time events, others will repeat.

  1. The Haunting of Palmer Mansion with TenderMinDD (ETA every one to two months)

  2. The Trouble with Entrabide with Mitzz (ETA every one to two months)

  3. The Wicked Tower with SatanicFruitcake (ETA every one to two months)

  4. Inevitable with SeventeenSam (ETA every one to two months)

  5. Surviving the After with TravisPLS (ETA every one to two months)

  6. Palmer Legacy with AkyraRayne  (ETA every one to two months)

  7. My Mother’s Secret Identity with Adun (ETA every one to two months)

  8. The Missus Ring with Lexx228 (ETA every one to two months)

  9. La Belle Ile en Mere with Sezlov (ETA every one to two months)

  10. Princess Na’Seen with Heall (ETA every one to two months)

  11. Murder at Palmer Lodge with Laimov (ETA every one to two months)

  12. Cursed Recollections with BSA (ETA every one to two months)

  13. The Pleistocene Ring with Disarten (ETA every one to two months)

  14. The Warlock of Claws with DixonLyrax (ETA every one to two months)

  15. Elora’s Taste of Dark Magic with CreamCadet (ETA every three to four months)

  16. Anything for Robby with NickEronic (ETA every three to four months)

  17. Marooned Christmas with BSA (ETA every three to four months) 

  18. Under Fire with JDseal (release unknown)

  19. Freya’s Lottery with M-Slava (release unknown)

All expected release dates are approximated based on the illustrator’s schedule and may change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Holyx

    Rawly are you going to add another 3d artist? Since Redoxxa is no longer here, you only have Lexx that does that type of illustration and the rest are 2d and other style of illustration. It will be good for you find another artist that does 3d so that the illustration content can be more balance.

    1. Rawls

      Redoxa and Lexx are exceptional 3D artists, I am having trouble finding anyone else that meets my standards and is interested in a collaboration. I am looking.

  2. JTass

    Have you heard from Redoxa? Regardless of whether they continue as a collaborator, it’d be nice to know that they’re OK.

    1. Rawls

      No, I have not heard from Redoxa. I still owe him over $1,000, and I haven’t heard anything. Given that, I am assuming that he passed away. 🙁

      1. DM1485

        That would be most unfortunate. He is (or perhaps was) a talented artist. it wasn’t cancer, was it?

        1. Rawls

          Yes, he was a good friend as well as an excellent artist. My understanding was that he was having heart issues stemming from a COVID infection.

          1. DM1485

            oof, that’s lousy. We humans can function (to varying degrees) without a few of our organs….unfortunately, the heart isn’t one of them.. Though there was that business with Dick Cheney….something about an external artificial heart.. meh, i’m sure there’s a joke in there about being a heartless something-or-other, but honestly, i’m too goddamn tired to write it. -yawn-

  3. Darkroguex11

    Will there be anymore illustrations for journey of the mothership wilderness?
    Haven’t seen any new update about it …I saw the new adaptation …. wondering if either of those two version r back on the board

  4. Thickdick

    Whats going on with JDSeal and Under Fire? I’m all for patience but it’s been a year plus the b/w and less illustrations thing. Maybe he’s busy idk but not 1 chapter?

    1. Rawls

      He has promised to have something soon, but it has been over a year since the previous chapter. I’ll give it a little more time before deciding what to do.

      1. DM1485

        it’s a real shame…he used to be solid. maybe he’s just burnt out?

        1. Rawls

          He’s publishing lots of his own stories. I think that’s where his focus is.