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On Friday, I sent off two short stories to the proofreaders. They were Zapped!, a sci-fi story about a bigoted housewife and the alien that lives next door. And The Tiger’s Last Words, the story that won the last poll on the illustrated site.

Next I’m working on The Wicked Tower. It should revolve around a nice, quiet wedding. I expect a very reserved, tasteful day for Bantia to celebrate her new life. I’ll be channeling my inner Jane Austen this week. Expect the chapter by Friday.

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  1. Thomas

    Will we be able to read the text-only versions of Zapped! and The Tiger’s Last Words on this website eventually?

    1. Rawls

      Maybe. I want to keep a book cover for each story in the catalogue, but maybe when I have enough short stories from the illustrated site, I can publish a book of shorts all together. But not anytime soon.