Writing update 6/12/21.

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I sent the third chapter of The Jealous Girlfriend to the proofreaders. I’m waiting to get The Surrogate Wife back from one of them. I expect to release the text for both next week. Next, I’ll write a new chapter of Mothership. Expect that to release on Friday.

Just a reminder that going forward, I will be writing only two main novels at a time (Mothership and Enki’s Puzzle right now). They will alternate two weeks in a row for each. This was voted on a while ago, and now that TWT is finished, it’s time to start it up.

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  1. Imnotworthy

    So does that mean dragons blood is on the backburner? ?

    1. Rawls

      Not at all. Mitzz is illustrating chapter 3 now. I’ll write chapter 4 when he’s done illustrating chapter 3. I have big plans for that one! 🙂