Writing update 6/14/21.

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There’s been a scheduling change. CeeBee42 and I are still ironing out the third act of Mothership, and we want some time to think it over. So, I’ll write two chapters of Enki’s Puzzle in a row before moving over to Mothership.

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  1. Old-school Perv

    Suits me fine. I like Enki better anyway. Even though your stories follow a certain formula, I’m curious what will happen when the puzzle is solved. I wonder if we’ll get a Kumokum like entity possession or if the host will retain autonomy.

      1. pghcrew

        10/10 happy w/ more Enki’s. 2, 3, 4, 5 , whatever weeks in a row, I wont be upset.

  2. alldragon

    If I may comment, I think it would be interesting if the men except Jacob were put to sleep again. They could argue to seek help in their new destination supposedly advised by Dr Cole. And while repairs to the ship’s anomalies are attempted, Jacob and his wives would desecrate the wives and daughters of the Engineers, Doctors, and Workers who assist on the ship. At the end of the third act Jacob would go to his destination with the women he usurped in the station and also leaving the entire male crew of his abandoned ship at the station, which would leave him with only a cargo of women in suspension capsules, while Jacob and his current “wives” wait to reach their destination to awaken and corrupt their new future followers …

    1. Rawls

      To avoid spoilers, I’m not going to comment on this. Good thinking, though.