Writing update 6/19/21

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Chapter 3 of Faaris Bakir’s Summer Off is now with the proofreaders and should release next week in text form. Up next is another chapter of Enki’s Puzzle. Expect Chapter 12 to release on Friday.

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  1. GTJake

    Noises Through the Wall and Enki’s Puzzle are my two faves, presently. I like how Noises doesn’t rely on magic, just good old fashioned manipulation. I also prefer stories that keep the number of characters small. It allows for more meaningful relationships and dialogue.

    1. Rawls

      I agree with this after writing TWT and Mothership. I’m happy with those stories, but I do better with fewer characters. I excel at more intimate stories. I’ll focus on those going forward.

  2. Uberlad654

    Damn what a cliffhanger there at the end. I love to hate it! 😀

    1. Rawls


      Don’t worry, you don’t have long to wait. The next chapter should release on Friday.

  3. fapfundery

    Enki’s Puzzle is definitely my favorite of all the stories you are currently working on.