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Yesterday, I sent the latest chapters of Noises and The Guide to the proofreaders. Now, I’m writing the next chapter of Enki’s Puzzle. Expect the text for Noises and Enki’s Puzzle to release next week.

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  1. civals

    The Sex Talk will ever be continued? How to influence this?

    1. Rawls

      When it’s time for a new novel, and I open a suggestion post for new stories, you can suggest this. Then it will go to a vote with all the the other ideas.

  2. Old-school Perv

    Are you and JD no longer collaborating? What does this mean for HoPM illustrated?

    1. Rawls

      JDseal and I separated our sites, but we’re still collaborating. He’ll continue to illustrate HoPM and I’ll post those chapters on my site. As part of deal, I did give him exclusive rights the The Guide though.

  3. thundermaxm

    How do I access to this Noises and The Guide? Thanks

    1. Rawls

      There is an illustrated version of Noises Through the Wall and a text-only version. You can find them in their respective catalogues on this site.

      The Guide will come to this site only after its run on JDseal’s site. When JDseal and I split, we made a deal that gave him exclusive rights to The Guide. You can find it at his site if you’re interested: https://subscribestar.adult/dark-stone-stories

  4. Old-school Perv

    Speaking of The Guide, why isn’t it on this site?

    1. Rawls

      JDseal and I made a deal when we split that he would retain exclusive access to The Guide. Once it’s run is finished at his site, I will release it here.

      1. Whatrawlstory

        so we are going to get a text of noises or its the illustrated?

        1. Rawls

          Yes! The text for all my illustrated stories can be found in the text-only catalogue. For noises, it’s here: https://rawlyrawls.com/noises-text/

          This month’s chapter will release in text-only sometime this week when I get it back from the proofreaders.