Your favorite illustrator: December 2022 poll

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Every month, I’ll run a poll to gauge reader interest in various illustrators. This will help me allocate my resources as I make decisions about what projects to pursue. Your feedback is helpful and important!

I’m only including artists that have already completed a project with me and are possibly available for future projects.

Feel free to add comments below if you have opinions you’d like to share. The poll will stay open all month.

Vote for your FIVE favorite artists.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Your favorite illustrator December: vote for top 5
259 votes · 918 answers

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  1. Holyx

    Hey Rawly what do you of the idea about letting Jack The Monkey do THOPM reboot? I think he a really good illustrator and he really showed great promise with A Spell Cast Poorly.

    1. Rawls

      Jack is a great artist, but he’s busy with a lot of his own projects and wouldn’t be able to meet the deadlines necessary for a main novel. One of the important pieces to illustrating a main novel is to be able to release a chapter every month or so.