Your favorite illustrator: October poll

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I’m starting this poll over again from scratch. I found out that my polling software was faulty and have purchased new software for the site. Hopefully it’ll work better. Let me know if you experience any issues while voting.

Every month, I’ll run a poll to gauge reader interest in various illustrators. This will help me allocate my resources as I make decisions about what projects to pursue. Your feedback is helpful and important!

I’m only including artists that have already completed a project with me and are possibly available for future projects.

Feel free to add comments below if you have opinions you’d like to share. The poll will stay open all month.

Vote for your FIVE favorite artists.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Your favorite illustrator: October poll
188 votes · 537 answers

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  1. sanchopensa3

    Definitely SatanicFruitcake. He can be very messy, very dirty and very clean in his drawings always accurate. I love the beauty of the women, their curves, their faces, even the fingers. Perhaps I am wrong, but he is not shy for the hairy pussies (sorry but the MILF with no hair or so few on their pussy, not for me) and for the monstrosity of the dick like others (same for Mitzz in Drago).

  2. Dominanceaddict

    Hi – Question: Why isn’t JDseal on the list? Would get my vote

  3. scrappp

    Torn between Disarten and Redoxa 🙂

  4. Simon S.

    The only reason The Pleistocene Ring was in my choices was because of A: the high quality of artists and B: not having a sixth choice.

  5. John P

    Good morning Rawly,

    Disarten isn’t on the list — I like his drawings of large-breasted, long-legged MILFs in “The Pleistocene Ring.” I hope he’s still one of your illustrators.

    1. Rawls

      This was my mistake. I added him to the list. Thanks for pointing it out.

      1. ferrus.manus

        Good 3D artists are almost a cheat code — they can produce high quality images faster than hand artists. Typically, they fail because of terrible writing. Seems you might be able to solve that!