12 Days of the Stone

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A woman finds a strange stone. It takes only twelve days for her life to completely change.

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Illustrations by CoaX: http://www.coaxdreams.com/

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4.7 out of 5 dark stones (based on 12 reviews)
Very good33%

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  1. Chaeron

    I love the artwork style and the general theme of a daughter rather than a son getting to have fun with the stone and what/how that might look. I also like the holiday theme and would love to see an expanded vignette that is the twelve days but a chapter for each day and what happens from day 1 through to day 12 when perhaps the stone leaves the family to find a new one.

    Now I am thinking of the littlest hobo.

  2. Librertine

    Exceptional artwork on black and white, made it look so much like a Tijuana Bible vignette! I would love to see more works from artist! The Tijuana Bible referral also goes to the story line, if it was intentional kudos!

  3. Anteater

    I am taking this as vignette, correct? I did not see ‘ch 1’ on it.

    I would not change a thing, I love it! The slow burns are for the multi-chapter stories I believe. Am I right?

    1. Rawls

      Yes, this is a vignette. And yes, slow burns are for the novels ?

  4. plcwiz

    Any dark stone story is guaranteed to be a great and erotic story. It’s a bit more fast paced than the usual dark stone stories, missing the build up of tension of emotions between characters but it still has the 100% Rawly Rawls style of writing!

    Great art work by CoaX! Love the classical style of art. Always loved B/W art. Like the use of shading, showing nearly an AR experience!!

    I’d love to have a dark stone merchandise designed by you Rawly Rawls!!! Make it happen!! ?

  5. ghosthendrikson

    Another vote for the artist and their work. This is some of the content I’ve seen from the artists you work with. Would love to see more from them.

  6. TauXv9

    Absolutely love it love the art loved the story it was well crafted!

  7. Rawls

    Detailed feedback is always helpful. Thanks!

  8. ChromeDragon

    Also I want to express this is some of the best artwork ever showing the craving that the stone creates. For that hat’s off to you CoaX and because I am a sucker for it, thanks for the females with all the cute curled toes.

    Rawly thanks for giving a girl a chance with the stone too !

  9. ChromeDragon

    I like the B&W style of the art work, sometimes especially in photography I find B&W adds and doesn’t take away from the art. Also I just like the almost old style comic quality of the characters. From a reader stand point of the story, I see she certainly gets to enjoy the powers of the stone but wonder if her brother might not truly be the one blessed by it even more.