The Wicked Tower Ch. 1 to 24

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A dark stone enters a parallel world where magic once reigned supreme. An ancient sorceress secrets the magic of the stone into nineteen-year-old Vel Tullius. Magic creeps back into the world. Vel’s beloved sister falls under his spell. He must confront the power his new magic holds over the women around him, while dodging spies, assassins, and those set on hording all magic for themselves. Vel finds himself caught between his loving family, evil queens, and the very gods themselves.

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4.3 out of 5 dark stones (based on 27 reviews)
Very good22%

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  1. Lurifaks86

    You could write books about this. Easy to make this a series of books. Very cool!!!

  2. Darkenning

    A little disappointing that Circe never got any action, but not bad, in all.

    1. Rawls

      That was a choice. I wanted to keep her above the fray. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Bmallory1539

    i caught the star wars reference in the last chapter lol. good show

  4. RedSarah

    You had me completely wrapped up in this world you built. The twists and turns that I anticipated were you playing with the reader. You knew what we’d expect of Vel & saving the princess, for example, and you chose a completely unexpected divergent path. Much love for the days I spent reading the completed story.

  5. Noat

    Here you can reply with your feedback on chapter 14

    1. Noat

      Chapter 14 was very hot and fun.

      • The chapter started great and hot. The sex scene is so hot. I love that Val fucked Naevia anally and she loved it, I loved how much Naevia submitted and how dominant Val became, it was awesome. I love that Naevia wants to see Val fuck their mother.
      The part where they were astral projected to the scene of the dream stone breaking in the Palmer Mansion is very interesting. I have some idea what is being hinted at here and what this is supposed to mean, my guess is the dust that was infused with Val is a shard of the corrupted dream stone.
      • I really like the sex scene between Val and Cassia. I love Val being dominant and playing with Cassia and Cassia submitting to it. Great that she eventually wanted him to cum inside her, it was so hot. It was also very exciting that know that Naevia was watching it.
      • I did like the brief conversation between Naevia, and Val after Cassia left. That they mentioned that Neavia taught Val to be this rough is great.
      • I love the scene with Brynhild. I Love how Dellia dominated and teased Brynhild after she tried to charm her with her hand, it was great. Also, great that Val is pushing Brynhild in doing research.

  6. Noat

    Here you can reply with your feedback on chapter 13

    1. Noat

      Chapter 13 was very hot and interesting.

      I love that the chapter starts with the continuation of Cassia and Val having sex, it ended greatly, and I also love the conversations they had afterward. Great that Val is free again, and Cassia is much more lenient towards Val. I love that Val got assertive and confident with Cassia when she tells Val that he can’t be with Naevia, and Cassia backs down and she ends up sucking his dick. I really like that despite everything Cassia is still not fine with Val and Naevia being together. She fears that it will bring harm to them and the family, but that she is also totally fine with continuing with Val because she trusts that she can keep them safe, which is awesome. I love that her will is strong when it comes to her kids and family.

      My favorite part of the chapter is the discussion between Valeria and Cesphea discussing the recent events and who is behind them. We had an interesting start to it with Valeria mentioning that she was thankful that she had been split into the human one, which just adds to the mystery of things, and then we see Merope riding Cepshea and she is pregnant with a royal bastard. It is painful to see Merope doing this just to please Cesphea so nothing bad happens, she is strong. I really like that we got introduced to two new gods and got some history of their family and the gods, it is very interesting, I love knowing more about the gods and the world. Also nice to know more about their plans with the tower and what they will do now in capturing Gallio.

      The part with Val, Naevia, and Dellia in the library is great. I love the girl’s reaction to what happened between Val and Cassia, and I love that while Dellia and Val were fucking, Naevia was explaining what happened between her and Dellia after they teleported. The whole sex scene was amazing.

      I have no idea if Brynhild’s plan with the duke’s male staff will work. I fear it will bring more danger. I like the information that Brynhild told Val and I think Val was way too quick to see it as useless and he was unnecessarily rude to Brynhild. I think the brother of Valeria and Cesphea is valuable to them in their quest.

      It was interesting to hear the report from Spurrius after spaying on Cassia. The change in the wedding plans must be related to their plans to Capture Gallio. Their plans went into action very very fast.

  7. Noat

    Here you can reply with your feedback on chapter 12

    1. Noat

      Chapter 12 is very very hot and exciting, we get magic and a lot of sex

      • I love that we start with Naevia coming to Val’s rescue, I like that we quickly get that over with. It is very exciting seeing Naevia use magic and apparently it works that whatever she wishes will come true if it is physically possible. The Love between Naevia and Val is so great. The sex scene is great, I love that they are talking about what happened between Cassia and Val while Neavia rides Val and that she is sorry for missing seeing Cassia sucking Val’s cock. It is so hot that Naevia is planning to have Val have sex with their mother and I like that she calls the curse a gift now.
      • I love that Dellia came to Ostia Novus basically to have Val fuck her good, she must really be frustrated. It is great that she is caught up to speed with what is happening because that should keep her involved in things. It is very sweet and hot that she does not want to leave Val without him fucking her first.
      • I like that Cassia is still not over the edge yet when she comes into Val’s chambers, so there is more fight in having Cassia fall into desire and lust. I love that Val is assertive and goes into action and Cassia is defenseless to it. Seeing cassia want to kiss Val and want to be intimate with him, saying that they were meant for this and that his cock is beautiful is amazing. The bob job was Great. I love that Naevia and Dellia were enjoying watching Cassia and Val and that Dellia started to hump Naevia.
      • It is great that Dellia can do magic too. Dellia going into frenzy and aggressively jump on Naevia after Dellia teleports them is awesome, I love that Naevia started to like it. It’s hilarious that fucking Spurrius was practice for lesbian sex for Dellia.
      • I love that Cassia sent the guards away so she could finish Val in peace. I love that Cassia is lusting for Val and her desire for him grows and she wants to do more with him. Going from sucking his cock to having anal sex is fucking awesome. That she orders him to the bed and does not stop even when Val tells her they don’t need to have sex is great, and that she wants him to cum in her ass was beyond amazing. I love that you ended the chapter with them going to continue, I really really want to read the next chapter and see this go

  8. Noat

    Here you can reply with your feedback on chapter 11

    1. Noat

      Chapter 11 is an exciting chapter with a great climax.

      • I like the start. We get more information about the Queen regents, and I think the fall of the Eagle’s roots is connected to the accident of Cesphea. I did find it funny when Naevia and Val meet Cassia and used the excuse of going to read to be in the library. The sex scene between them was very hot, I always enjoy their sex and I love how much they desire for each other. I was pleasantly surprised when Naevia mentioned that she would not be jealous if Val would get more female partners, and it was cute how nervous they both were about the topic.
      • I like the part with Dellia and Spurrius, it was hot. I understand and feel for Dellia wanting to experience the chemistry she had with Spurrius before Val, but to no surprised, Spurrius is not enough for her anymore. She must be dying to be with Val again.
      • The part with Brynhild and Nicias was sad, but I liked that we got to know some of Brynhild’s drive and thoughts on the situation, I got hopeful when Brynhild said to Nicias she would do all that she can to get Merope back because I really want more from Brynhild, she has great potential.
      • I got excited when Brynhild went to Val to talk to him because I thought she would discuss with him the magic he experienced at the tower, the curse or how magic is coming back, and how that could be of help to them, but then was very disappointed that she is still going for information gathering by sending them to the palace. I loved that Naevia does not want to leave Val’s side, I found that cute. I like that Val got firm and strict with Brynhild after telling him to go to the palace. I am very curious as to what would have happened if Brynhild’s would have touched Val, would their curse cancel each other out or would they be influenced by each other. It was very exciting when Naevia used magic on Brynhild unintentionally, hopefully, that is a push for Brynhild to reassess her plans. I was surprised that Val and Naevia just laughed at what happened and then went to go to have sex after Val gave orders to Brynhild. I would have thought that this would freak them out or get them excited, Naevia just used magic out of nowhere, another crazy thing to happen in their lives and they just ignore it to have sex.
      • The Part where Cassia catches Val and Naevia was a rush. Love the start of them having sex( I love that you renamed reverse cowgirl to reverse saddle) and then ending it with Cassia coming in. The flip of the situation was very exciting. I loved the writing of Cassia being angry, I could really feel her anger and it felt like Val and Naevia really fucked up, but I did laugh when Cassia tried to hit Val’s head with his sandal but could not reach it.
      • I loved the ending part because I found the writing of it very good. The build-up of Cassia being strict and firm to then lenient and give in to the influence of Val’s curse was great. I love that in the start Cassia was firm and strict with Val and about sending Naevia away, and I love the story she told Val about Discordia and Pox. I loved that Val took action to prevent Naevia from being sent away. The change in Cassia from the moment Val touched her, seeing Cassia slowly let go and give in to the influence of Val’s curse was so good. Going from touching, to kissing, to fingering, and then end with a blowjob was great. I loved that she was engaging, and she liked it. I like that it ended with Cassia changing her mind and instead of sending Naevia away, Val will be locked in his room. Now I am excited to see how Naevia and probably Dellia too will help Val be released.

  9. Noat

    Here you can reply with your feedback on chapter 10

    1. Noat

      Chapter 10 was great, a lot happened in it. It was informative, very hot and sad.

      It had a nice start to the chapter. It was nice seeing them work together coming up with the lie to tell to Cesphea, I especially love Cassia, she was the savior. I loved and hated it when Cesphea said “I must put my pet to bed” when she was going to leave them. I also like that Val was smart enough to not talk about their travels openly and while the queens were around. I loved the family love between Val, Naevia, and Cassia as they were taking Cassia to her room, it was super sweet. I like that Dellia is jealous of Naevia’s relationship with Val, I find it cute, and I love that they go to bed together.

      The sex scene is amazing. The sex and the conversations are amazingly hot. I love it. I have been amazed at the sex scenes you have been writing for this series. I love that it was Dellia that started it and did it even if Val was still asleep, I love that she was that horny for him and his cock and she wants him to cum inside her. I love that Dellia is saying that she is serving her duke as she should and that he is conquering her, and I love that Naevia wakes up and loves that Dellia is so hooked on Val and quickly starts controlling the situation. I love when she said to Dellia “That’s a good girl, Dellia. Ride him.”. I do appreciate that Val does not want to anger Naevia and it was amazing when Naevia gave him permission to touch Dellia and only asks that he saves some for her. I love that while Dellia is doing her best to please herself and Val, Naevia is focused on what matters, getting more info about Dellia’s missions and what is going on with her father. Just the whole situation of questioning and fucking is amazing because we are getting info and getting hot sex at the same time. Excellent work Rawly. I also love the part where Naevia describes the fact that Dellia will be full of Val’s sperm while she lies to the queen regents and her father. I like that Dellia respects Val’s and Naevia’s relationship even though she is jealous and I love that the thought of carrying Val’s children and that Val will be waiting for her when she returns makes Dellia happy.

      I like the scene where the queen regents are departing even though it’s sad and frustrating. Seeing Merope so mind-broken, her wedding ring was gone was painful and the whole scullery staff calling and crying for her was painful. I really liked that Val was already giving commands to quell the outburst when Cassia was going to. Cassia and Val handled the situation well. It was frustrating how the queen regents were reacting to it, Cesphea especially gets on my nerves.

      The part where the sibling’s brief Cassia on what happened was nice. I like that we got some more detail about Dellia’s father and some worldbuilding. I love that there are dragons! I love Cassia here, she is handling the situation very smartly. I was surprised that the siblings did not think that there would be spies in their castle. Their father is on the run, their brother vanished, and their cousin was against them, so it would be sensible to believe there will be spies. Discordia is mentioned again here, now I am 100% sure she will show up in the future.

      The part where Val and Naevia question Brynhild was satisfying, we got some good information about the history of the world and about magic. I am really curious to know who the other siblings Brynhild’s knows to fall for each other. My guess is the queens. I am very interested in knowing more about the Eagles Roots at the palace and what happened to it. I would have liked to get more information from Brynhild, but I understand that she is not talkative because she is sad and frustrated that Merope was taken away.

  10. Noat

    Here you can reply your thoughts about Chapter 9

    1. Noat

      This was a great chapter, a good follow-up of chapter 8. It had a good start with Cassia and the queen regents. I liked how Cassia handled herself in front of the Queen regents, they were really pushing her and my buttons especially Cesphea, I hope karma smacks her hard in the future. But I also like that the Queen regents are like that. My favorite is Valeria.
      The part where Val and Naevia are with With Dellia and head into the tunnel was good. At first, I was so unsure if she had submitted and I did believe she was on their side in the beginning when she admitted she wanted to not see Val and Naevia in harm’s way but then when she wasn’t I was actually happy with it. I love that Dellia is a tough warrior that is not easily broken. The build-up in the tunnel was great, and I see a foreshadowing with Discordia. The second tunnel and the blue light really got me interested in what is going on, and the tension between them all in the elevator was great. I loved the part when they reach the top of the tower, the sexual intoxication of the tower made things very hot. Dellia and Naevia are amazing and I love that Dellia was the one that initiated things. It is very hot that Dellia thinks having Val’s cock inside her was one of her happiest moments, and she wants more of it. I also love how clever Naevia was. She was smart not arguing with Dellia at the start and waiting for an opening, and I think she hoped the opening to be Val fucking Dellia into swearing her loyalty to him and his family.
      I like that we got more info about the queen regents and the mystery of Cesphea. My suspicion is that Cesphea was a boy and was turned into a girl through some magic, but I am not confident with my suspicion. The part where Cassia discovers Cepshea and Merope fucking is very hot. I find the futa sex very hot and I love Merope being dominated, but I do feel sorry for her and her husband Nicias. Then when Cassia goes to the Temple of Discordia just increases the foreshadowing of Discordia being part of the story.
      The ending is amazing. I fucking loved the sex scene it’s probably my favorite one in this series so far, the writing of it is amazing. I love that Dellia went crazy on Val’s cock and that he had been cumming inside them and they wanted it. Naevia getting Dellia swearing her loyalty while riding Val was amazing. I love that Naevia is so active and engaging in having Dellia submit, but I don’t like that Val is so passive and basically just acts as a means to break her, it feels that Naevia is doing all the pushing I felt it as well in chapter 8, I hope that in future chapters Val is more active. My favorite part is where Naevia goes on all four and orders Val to mount her. I love seeing Naevia crave for Val’s cock, and I love the Dellia wanted to see them fuck. The writing of Naevia telling Val to be rougher, saying that he can conquer the world, and screaming at him to seed her was the best.
      I felt the blue azure light was going to come into play, and I really like that it was used to teleport them to their home, it will bring a lot of commotion in the next chapters. I am excited to see what is to come.

  11. Noat

    Chapter 8: Here you can reply with your thoughts about chapter 8

    1. Noat

      I love this chapter. It is my favorite one in the series so far. The writing of the sex scenes, the emotions of the characters, and their interactions are well written in my opinion. I love that it started right where chapter 7 ends. I love seeing Val fuck Dellia all day and have her submit in the end and wanting his cum. I appreciate that Dellia puts up a fight showcasing she is a warrior and is not easily broken, but that made the fall so much sweeter. I love that Naevia was assisting in breaking Dellia, it was so hot. Especially when she talks about the bonding she had when Val came inside her and that Dellia will feel the same when he comes inside her. It was very sweet when Naevia was protective of Val when he was done fucking and possibly breaking Dellia. The part with the Queen regents and Merope is great too. I like the queens, they are arrogant bitches, but I like that they are like that. I also like that they are dominant with everyone, which shows that they have power, and I like powerful women. That they can do magic is very cool. I am happy that we got to know more about the world’s magic and its history, it was a small world-building that I appreciate. I love that Cesphea is a futa, it adds a spice to the series that I like. The sex between her and Merope is very hot, I love that Cesphea was dominant and that Merope submitted. I do feel bad that Merope is bossed around and toyed with by the people she serves, but it is so hot when she gets dominated by them and I want to see more of it, I just hope she gets a happy ending by the end of her story. I love that Valeria and Cesphea are just casually talking when Valeria is going through Brynhilds books and trying to find evidence of treason while Cesphea is fucking Merope. I hope that Brynhild gets motivated to do more after what happened with Merope and the queens, I want to see more from her. I love how you made the ending, that Dellia is gone and Val and Naevia are not captured, it is a great mystery that really drives me to read further. I love the part where Val and Naevia say they love each other when they are exiting the room, they are definitely my favorite couple of any of your series so far Rawly.

  12. Czoftw

    I’ve the story, any plans for illustrations?

    1. Rawls

      Nothing is in the works right now, but I would very much like to illustrate it.

  13. alldragon

    The ending seemed interesting to me and the development of the story as well.
    Although the sexual scenes at the end were a little less than the rest of the story.
    There are things that would have been interesting to see:
    1- Valeria more participative in Vel’s sexual activities, maybe not so humiliated but more submissive and perverted.
    2- Perhaps for the second sexual encounter of Portia and Vel, the other women could be present.
    3- Upon Dellia’s return and the news of the dragons, perhaps Vel was able to visit the Dryad forest, taking the 3 Archmages and their other women to meet their Goddess Hetake and take advantage of the lack of time to continue sowing their women and their Goddess. And who knows maybe it was time for Circe to join her mother, aunt, grandmother and companions in her father’s bed, if the truth was her daughter, but also a demigoddess, highly developed in the body of a woman and possibly the most powerful weapon of the kingdom if her father managed to do in her what he did with other women … also the face of her mother, aunt and grandmother left no doubt … she could never taste that pleasure in another place and her desires for demigod were acting very fast …

  14. Schunn99

    Damn good, finale. I am assuming that Valeria and Naevia are just going to keep popping out babies for Vel then?

  15. Craig23

    Great chapter! I just hate that the zombie brother didn’t have the chance to give it to somebody before they got rid of him.

    1. Rawls

      That’s a good point. I should have sent Vel into the tower with some redshirts 🙂

  16. Schunn99

    Ah, another good chapter, waiting on the finale! And reanimated dead are zombies….you got to shoot them in the head to kill the magic reanimating them.

  17. GunnySmurf

    Well, those were unexpected plot twists! lol

    1. Rawls

      Didn’t expect to learn they were all Smurfs living in 1960’s San Francisco?

  18. AA987

    Like the story! I am wondering though if the Dramatis Personae could be updated/be a bit more descriptive of the characters? I just keep forgetting who is who lol. Like what Naevia looks like in terms of hair/body type vs. Bantia etc.


    1. Rawls

      I’ll try and get this done before the next chapter releases.

  19. GunnySmurf

    Favorite story so far. Hope Vel or Cassia lays the smack down in the final act.

    1. Rawls

      Glad to hear it! Things are moving along pretty fast now.

  20. GunnySmurf

    So many curious tie-ins to THOPM!

  21. Schunn99

    Another good chapter, and some more background on the war that caused the loss of magic, and Cassia is pregnant, wonder if Delia and Naevia are as well? I think the Vel can take his father down, his father seems like the shady type anyway. Looking forward to bellies swelling as they plan the down fall of the regents. Maybe rescuing, marrying and impregnating the princess as well?

    1. Rawls

      You are partly right and partly wrong about where this is all going.

      And don’t take Day Star at his word about Gallio. He’s burning ships.

      1. Schunn99

        Assuming that the regents did not kill the princess?

  22. bostant

    It feels like sex scenes are cut short in the last couple chapters. maybe intentional ?

    1. Rawls

      I think the chapter before last was the sex scene with Cassia in the tower? That took up a big chunk of the chapter, I think. But certainly this last chapter had quick sex scenes because of the wedding.

  23. Axehand

    Your stories are awesome!!! Keep up the great work!

  24. adscrypt

    Cannot access the story at all. Says I need to log in but no matter how many times I do the prompt is still there, and I still can’t read the story…

    1. Rawls

      Yes, it’s the new plugin going in. It will take several hours. I’m sorry this happened on a release day 🙁 It might be best to check back in tomorrow. I will update when everything is working again.

  25. Mj1995

    Please update the short stories too. Especially foreign exchange.

    1. Rawls

      Foreign Exchange was a commission. I don’t take commissions anymore, but I may get back to it as an exception since it was already started. We’ll see.

  26. Simon S.

    I loved and hated the cliffhanger from the previous chapter but this ones conclusion of that dramatic tension wasn’t very interesting. There needed to be more exploration of the consequences both from the protagonists side and the antagonists side. Overall, its a great story though. Keep up the great work!

  27. Shunn99

    Hey rawls, made the jump to the new site, looking forward to chapter 16, next week