An update on TenderMinDD’s projects.

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The illustrated version of Enki’s Puzzle is almost at an end. TenderMinDD and I have been discussing what he should work on next. I’m happy to say that we have a deal in place for TenderMinDD to take on the reboot of The Haunting of Palmer Mansion. Once Enki is complete, you can expect him to move right over to the new project. I’ve been waiting for the right fit for this reboot, and I think this will be perfect.

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  1. Windmill34

    Yes! I love this artist and their style.

  2. ReadRawls69

    Great news. Ideal collaboration

  3. JTass

    Sounds like a great fit. Looking forward to it.

  4. dragon2age

    I 100% support this , the way Tender art evolved during ENKI is fantastic , the last few panels of Kate in 29 are out of this world , great fit for the voluptuous shenanigans going on in MANSION . My only hope is this new reboot will have more art panels then the original .
    P.S. you sold me on the membership increase with the news of this reboot so as the meme goes ” Shut up and take my money ! “

  5. Osiris908

    I like the art but if I could make a suggestion; I literally can see no difference between and can never tell apart Alyson and Kate in Enki. One reason Redoxa is so great is bc the mothers look like mothers not 20 year olds called mother. I literally need to study each Enki image to see who is who and if one of them is wearing a ring.

    1. GTJake

      I second this. Please more distinction between the mature characters and the younger ones.

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    Sexy spooky smut! Perfect for Tender. Is the reboot almost done or is it ongoing? I haven’t been keeping up.

  7. Lobria

    HURRAY…MANSION IS BACK!!!! AND BY TENDER!!!!. Glorious news. When you said change at first was like oh no don’t tell me tendermindd is done. Thus is great. Was curious to see would finish first him or sanatnic. Looking forward to it. One thing can he keep the facial expressions that jd would do at least because it made those scenes super hot. Anyways excellent news.

  8. ThomasEGB

    I think TenderMinDD is an excellent choice for Haunting, I’m excited to see his treatment of it.

  9. elekhi

    Oh, that is amazing news. Great artist for a great story!

  10. Acclord

    Fantastic news Rawls… Couldn’t have a better news… A marvelous story and a great illustrator!!! Can’t wait to see the results!!! Cheers

  11. Evil Modder

    I’m sure they’ll do really well with it!