Anything for Robby Chapter 4 Sketches.

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A rushed morning before church.

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Illustrations by NickEronic:

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  1. John P


    The third and fourth sketches for chapter 4 are the most erotic drawings I’ve seen on this site. Not only do you draw stunning women — slender with big tits and long legs — but you have a gift for subtly drawing their expressions with a few simple but well-placed lines. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of your work.

    1. NickEronic

      Thank you,
      it’s nice and inspiring to read such reviews!

  2. ifnkovhg

    I’m not a fan of Robby’s haircut.

  3. Kuanyang

    The detail in these sketches is amazing.

  4. Mofuggnflash

    I really love the facial expressions in these, they look so good!

  5. ChromeDragon

    Absolutely great sketches !
    Chrome approved !