Coyote’s Trick Ch. 1 to 5

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Christina Moore didn’t think much of it when a dog bit her sweet, eighteen-year-old son. But then the changes started. His behavior turned feral overnight. Is it drugs, or is it the curse of Kumokum?

Narration by HannahSlamma: and Reddit

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  1. Divway

    Hiya, I am a new member. Found your stories on another site. Loved how you write. It’s exciting to read and find the characters. How they interact with each other. Get family members pregnant happens a lot.

    When I just want to find the text stories via my tablet so can read on the go each day; Navigation to them is surrounded by the other stuff.

    Lovely as it is the art, it’s not that one wants when one has limited time to read. Is there an easy route via your pages using ones tablet for this? If not using it via pc will have to remain.

    I do love your written word

    Regards Divway, one enthusiastic reader and member.

    1. Rawls

      Welcome, and thanks for the support and the kind words! I’m not sure what the issue is. Can you send me a screenshot on Discord or my email: I know many people read my stories on a tablet, so we should be able to make it work.

      1. Divway

        Thanks for responding. I worked it out eventually and was able to read them on my tablet. Your writings are fantastic. I find them so captivating; its hard to stop. I find me looking at the clock and see its around 2:30 in the morning and I can’t stop reading. Thanks I do so love how you make your characters. and how the inter play with each characters and the imaginative ways the situations develop are wonderfully creative. Loving the “The-Haunting-of-Palmer-Mansion” and how it has spun into “The Palmer Legacy”.

        Thanks for this and keeping some of the characters going in like you have with “” Mrs. Palmer” and he son also bring in “Julie”, and her son “Daniel”. Would be potentially interesting if the last owners of the house and the many children somehow got involved in the going on in “The Belle Dame Gallery”. Sorry that’s a bit rude of me. I will as do many others, wait on your fantastic creations in anticipation.

        Regards from Divway

        1. Rawls

          Great to hear that you’re enjoying my writing. Thanks for the feedback and support!

  2. Eromusha

    Does this voice actor have more stories we can listen to

    1. Rawls

      Yes, she’s started an audio of The Guide on this site, and has a ton of audio stuff available not written by me. Check out her Twitter link.

  3. Schnitzelpuppy

    Any chance you need male voice actors?

    1. Rawls

      Sorry, no. I think I’ll stick with women for the voice acting. Thanks for the offer.

  4. DoesNotMatter

    This was ridiculously better as an audio than I thought it would be. if you haven’t decided what gets the audio treatment just yet, might I suggest The Wicked Tower/Haunting of Palmer Mansion/Enki’s Puzzle? But really, kinda shocked at this, kudos and well done.

  5. Simon S.

    This keeps getting better and better. I’m hopping there will be other stories with audio coming in the future.

    1. Rawls

      Appreciate the feedback! Lots more audio on the way 🙂

  6. robertparker

    Way better than I expected. She did a great job with the howl and grunting. The characters all sounded distinct and believable. Loved the background noises. Can’t wait for more!

  7. CeeBee42

    This was fantastic! The moaning was on point! Could actually picture it all as the speech transitioned into moaning and groaning. Even did a great job with impersonation of the male. Great pauses, too, really helped capture Rawls’ intentions with the flow of the dialogue. More please!

  8. Lobria

    I like it. I was hoping there would be more to the sex scenes but in think is because the scene itself is supposed to be a shock so i think the next part will be better for that. But other than that I thought this was really good. I like her voice, I like how she read it even though some of it came off funny when is wasn’t. I also like the background sounds to it. One thing could you actually add in a howl to the background I feel that would make it cooler and more atmospheric. Good start can’t wait for the rest but man a chapter a month is gonna kill me lol. But I understand. She didn’t good job looking forward to the rest of it.