Never Insult a Repecki Ch. 1 to 7

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Ummul is the first of his Repecki species to serve in the Outer Planets Fleet. He faces bigotry as a pioneer. One day he finds that his species’ mating ritual works on humans. Once a woman experiences the Invitation, she can’t get enough. If Ummul can’t get along with human husbands, at least he can bond with their wives.

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Illustrations by NickEronic:

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  1. Drakkar

    Claire was a fool not going with them because her child is about to be a lab rat.

  2. Anteater

    Looks like they left to start a new life. I love it!

      1. Rawls

        It might be the last. We’ll have to see if the illustrator is able to continue in the future.

        1. Anteater

          Yeah. I asked because I felt you left chapter 7 too opened ended that I was not sure.

  3. Anteater

    Chapter 6 is great. I think it is rather obvious that some members of Ummal’s harem are all pregnant. I am looking forward to the outcome of their intimate moments with the Esign. I love how they dance around subject of pregnancy.

    What I love about Ummal is how he animalistic and caring at the same time towards his lovers.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks, that’s great feedback. 🙂 Writing the next chapter soon.

  4. Anteater

    Chapter 5 is great, I love how the harem insists on being claimed again and again.

  5. Anteater

    I love the third chapter’s final picture. In fact, each chapter keeps getting better and better. I do not know what else to say since the other member keep giving you what they like and I just cannot help but agree.

    Everyone else just says everything for me.

  6. Rawls

    Thanks for the feedback! Glad you’re all enjoying the story. ?

  7. Noat

    • The cover art looks great, I love the sparkle on Amelia’s ring and Amelia looks amazing in her dress showing off her curvy body, the other woman looks great too, very cute.
    • I like Ensign Ummul. I like how he looks and how he acts, he is respectful to his superiors and controls his emotions even if they are horrible to him, and he sticks to his world customs.
    • I like the first art image. Ummul looks genuinely confused as to why he is getting treated this way by his superiors and just wants to continue his shift, I feel for him when I look at him.
    • I like the invitation mechanic, it is interesting
    • Amelia looks great in the second art image. I love the pose of her bend over and looking over her shoulder, highlighting her amazing, curvy, and juicy ass. Her whole body looks beautiful, the legs, back, and breasts, and she looks amazing. I love that she is red-haired and the freckles are a nice touch.
    • In the third art image, I like the pose and the facial expression of Amelia. It is clear that Amelia is disgusted at Ensign and has no interest to listen to Ensign talking about her husband to her, but she also looks amazing here. I love her legs and breasts in this image.
    • I like that Ensign was focused on building a good relationship and always talked respectfully to Amelia even when she talked rudely to him.
    • I love the fourth art Image. Being just in her bra and panties and covered in the invitation fluid it looks very hot, and then seeing Ensign’s hands on her head when he is pushing her to suck his dick just shows how much bigger he is and also how dominant he is.
    • The whole sex scene was great, I love the writing of it. I love the effect the invitation fluid had on Amelia and I love the description of it, it’s very hot. I love how dominant and confident Ensign was during sex and how submissive Amelia was. Him having her suck his dick, stripping her, carrying her around to find a place to fuck her, and then fucking her was so great to read.
    • The fifth art image is so hot. I love seeing Amelia’s face and seeing what Ensign’s cock was doing to her, how she felt the size and thickness of his cock. The bulge on her stomach for being full of Ensign is so hot. Seeing Ensign’s hands around Amelia and holding her in the air, being in complete control is great.
    • I love how Amelia was being taken over by Ensign’s cock and the orgasms, damn it’s so well written. I loved when Ensign took his dick out of Amelia’s pussy to fuck her ass, I have a weak spot for anal, I also loved that she started to be engaging. I love that she surrendered to him and wanted him to cum in her.
    • The sixth and the last art image looks amazing. Amelia laying on her back on the floor, exhausted and in ecstasy, her whole body exposed and cum leaking out of her pussy, it looks amazingly hot. Even though she got creampied in her butt, it is a small detail for me at this point, it still looks amazing.
    • I loved the part where Amelia was begging for more and not caring about her husband, she was broken by Ensign. I also like that after all this, Ensign still wants to get some reconciliation. The sex was just because he was sexually frustrated, Amelia looked amazing, her body accepted the invitation and he just wanted to fuck and I liked that he did not do it because of revenge.

    1. Noat

      NickEronic and Rawly you did a great job with this chapter

    2. ChromeDragon

      I agree that cover art is definitely eye grabbing isn’t it !

      1. Noat

        I know right. I am super excited for future chapter.

    3. Anteater

      I agree 100%, there is nothing to say that you have not said already.

  8. ChromeDragon

    I love the bright clean images that captures the Sci Fi bright new future incredibly well. (Even if specisim is still there) The character expressions are incredible not muted at all. It is very clear to see what the characters emotions and thoughts are on their face, the artist did very well here. Again can I say it ?
    I love the freckles it’s such a unique choice for the artist to add and it gives the work regardless of the otherwise cartoon nature a bit of realism that sets it apart.

    Wasn’t too keen on the way Ummul was treated I mean we think the vision of the future as brighter and better. Though I understand it was necessary for the set up of the story to be one of revenge ? Even the wife didn’t really deserve much in the way of pity. She was not much better then her husband. Ummul was the most likable character in the whole situation. Personal feelings stowed as a story I liked it. I liked character interactions even if I didn’t like characters. I liked how Ummul’s ears were so expressive. Hell the ‘Invitation’ might seem wacky but I am sure somewhere in our animal and insect world they have something like it hell many insects are slaves to pheromones.

    Well done Rawly ! and Nick Eronic, welcome to being one of my fave artists here.

    Just some shiny dragon !

    1. Anteater

      I agree 100%. I could not have said it better myself.