Enki’s Puzzle Chapter 11 is here.

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It starts on page 81. Nick and Alyson research the origins of the puzzle. Nick and Kate play hooky again.

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  1. Simon S.

    Great chapter focusing on the internal conflict of the mother and sister.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! That’s what I was going for. 🙂

  2. adscrypt

    This chapter wasn’t very good. Not really reading it to see Nick do research with his sister or read about his mom going back to having sex with his dad.

    1. adscrypt

      Rest was good, though. And the story overall. Didn’t mean to sound overly critical but it just seemed like a weird detour.

      1. Rawls

        I’m building some things for later, and sometimes that means taking little detours. Thanks for the feedback!