Erato’s Mirror Ch. 1 to 3

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Once upon a time, Erato was a revered dryad. She was the high priestess to the god Pan. But then, mankind tore the forests from the earth. As the trees died, her powers waned. In desperation, she clung to a mighty oak for centuries, but even it fell to the whims of man. Wood from that tree made its way into an intricately-carved mirror in the early 19th century. Many years later, Ellen Tangiers finds the mirror and places it in her bedroom. The wife and mother is slowly corrupted by dryad magic.

Illustrations by CalicoMoss:

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  1. Lance

    Talking about part two; as this story has the potential to grow with Pan in control, that is until an offspring is created, or Pan is broken as the mirror is destroyed. The illustrations are okay but could be better to enhance the story with a little of Pan or Eratos.

  2. Anteater

    I knew It? Chapter 3 is great and here I was, wondering if Ellen would conceive. Oh well.

  3. GBabal58

    Have enjoyed this story and the artwork that goes with it. Hope there are more chapters in the future.

  4. Planet4

    This rules.
    Loving all the stories on the site, and the patterns they follow, but I do enjoy the variations in this one.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! The next chapter isn’t too far away 🙂

  5. Anteater

    I love the second chapter’s introduction of Ellen’s refusal to give, only to have go directly to Sally’s door and seduce her again. I am sure Ellen will shove her dick into Sally at some point, I do love the 69 that is going on…definitely HOT.

  6. JohnDoe

    Don’t like futanari, but you have plenty other stuff to my taste so it’s negligible. I like the art.

  7. Anteater

    This story DEFINITELY gives more variety.

  8. plcwiz

    Definitely some Twilight Zone vibes going on here., huge fan of the series. Illustrations follow text story perfectly and emanated the atmosphere of the characters wonderfully.. look forward to forth coming releases!

    1. Anteater

      I totally agree.

      This is off topic but which 1? The original ’60s with Rod Serling or its remake?

      1. plcwiz

        Only watched the Rod Sterling serie, all the great actors were in them. Even William Shatner in the airplane wing ghoul episode. The ‘revived’ series were a rehash of the series, disappointing.

        1. Anteater

          I agree. I think that was supposed to be a gremlin. I love the episode THE DUMMY. Jerry and Willie, ha ha.

          I only know that the remake exists but I never saw it. In fact, I watch the original whenever I can. I even watch the Twilight Zone marathon every New Year’s Eve for going on 13 years… …I think (actually it might be longer).

          My apologies to Rawls for going off topic, I am just happy to “meet” another Twilight Zone fan

    2. Anteater

      You never answered my question. I am genuinely curious.

  9. ChromeDragon

    Lovely artwork with some attention to detail. As always a fan favorite that wedding band. The clothing looks nice and each character is different. The mothers lose lovely flowing dress and the neighbors tight jeans. As always you attract great artists Rawly.
    P.S. Love the mom, she just has this almost 1940s look to her, perhaps it’s the hair style but it’s nice to see the contrast in characters.

    While Futa is not necessarily my thing, I love yet a new magical artifact out there like some erotic Twilight Zone going on. Excellent work all around !