Faaris Bakir Ch. 1 to 4

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Faaris Bakir was once a shy, quiet son. But he went abroad for university and returned a changed man. Upon his arrival home, he asked his mother for things a son should not. When she rejected him, he persisted for weeks with a nascent, steadfast confidence. His mother grew to wish the summer would end so that he would return to his university. That is, until she let him have his way. Then, she wished the summer would never end.

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  1. Schunn99

    I Bet that Mom is good and knocked up now at the end of summer vacation, wonder if he comes back over Christmas break she will have a baby kicking lustfully inside her 5 month swollen belly?

    1. Rawls

      She will visit him in a few months \(@^0^@)/

  2. newWave

    Love the reli. & ethnic elements of these characters. sex talk, palmers & this one are among my favs. well done.

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