Five Twisted Wishes Ch. 1 to 16

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A cursed monkey’s paw wrecks havoc as it’s passed from family to family. The wishes it grants never go as intended.

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4.5 out of 5 dark stones (based on 57 reviews)
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  1. Thickdick

    Love the varied storylines. Makes for a good read, and we’re able to pick out our favorite ones to.. focus on 🙂

  2. ColdDeadFishOnRice

    This section of the arc seems more dull than the previous arcs. Wishing away everyone else in the world, including the earlier characters, made this arc a plodding read. Love the concept, but I hope this section wraps soon.

  3. Zen115

    Get the mom in ch 13 pregnant multiple times since they have nothing else to do

  4. Patcouples

    This is a great story – hope to see more chapters soon.

  5. pikabruce

    The basic theme is great and could obviously go on forever, with endless variations on the 5 wish theme. I love it!

  6. Will

    I agree with lucky dave. This is as good as my favorite. Enki’s Puzzle. Maybe you could make this your new novel

  7. luckydave

    This is awesome! I love where things have gone in Chapter 4. Next to Enki’s Puzzle, this is my new favorite story you’re writing. This anthology structure is really cool, and I’m very happy to have read what you incorporated at the end of the latest chapter

    1. Rawls

      Thanks so much. I’m having fun with this one and expect it to continue for a while.

  8. Fred31267

    By my count that was only four wishes so where is the final one? Does he wish everyone accepts his relationship with his sister or that all his female relatives love him like a boyfriend or what?

    1. Rawls

      You’ll have to wait for Chapter 3 to find out!

  9. Schunn99

    I’m thinking a baby or babies for Kimora as delayed Christmas gift? As she would about to drop at the end of September. And mom and sister both pregnant form chapter 1 yay, let’s keep passing the evil paw around. Granting wishes, Spreading seed and making bellies swell.