La Belle Ile en Mere illustrated is coming.

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I’m excited to announce that Sezlov will be illustrating La Belle Ile en Mere. His work on Chronicles of Abrollin has been excellent recently. And his style is the right fit for La Belle Ile. Also, his skill and turn-around time are perfect for a long novel. He’s made a commitment to see the project through (as much as such commitments are possible).

Abrollin will be put on hold for now. It’s shame that the story is stuck on Chapter 3, but we may go back to it again time permitting.

Going forward, expect illustrated chapters of La Belle Ile every 1 to 2 months.

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  1. FreshlySnipes

    Will you continue the series in text form? What of the other series that have been in limbo. Will Pliestoscene ring, Enchanted Scepter or under fire be continued in text form while waiting on/finding a new illustrator?

    1. Rawls

      My schedule is very busy, so I only write shorts when the illustrator needs a new chapter. I don’t plan to continue Abrollin for a while.

      Pleistocene Ring continues, and will hopefully arrive on a more regular schedule for a while. Disarten and I have made an agreement for a quicker turn around on the illustrations.

      I haven’t found an illustrator for Enchanted Scepter yet, but it will continue when I do.

      Under Fire is ongoing. When we started, JDseal and I agreed that he would prioritize his own projects, and there may be long pauses between Under Fire chapters.

  2. Lobria

    Wow that was quick. Looking forward to it. The story you have created is great so would like to revisit it. The illustration I wasn’t to impressed with chronicles I thought the illustrations were eh. However I’m willing to give it a chance and he will most likely improve over time.

    1. Rawls

      I’m guessing you haven’t seen his work in the latest chapter of Abrollin. He improved a ton over the first three chapters. Really excellent illustrations.

      1. Lobria

        I did and your right. Big improvement.

  3. Osiris908

    Cool. Bummer we’ll never see Son of Prometheus and Daughter of Athena get together.

    1. Rawls

      Agreed. That is a bummer 🙁 But I hope Belle Ile will make up for it.

      1. Osiris908

        Can you at least write a chapter so we can enjoy their coming together?

        1. Rawls

          That seems like a reasonable request. My writing schedule is really tight right now, but I’ll see what I can do.

  4. PuyBo

    I think this is a good call 🙂