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Still fixing bugs here and there. Most things are now good to go. I’m really happy with the site speed, I hope you are too 😁 This place is blazing.

1) The wiki is up and running again, thanks to Totes! It has a new address: https://wiki.rawlyrawls.net/ You can always find it by clicking the red button on the side menu of most pages on the site.

2) All the download links work again.

3) The only bummer is that I’m still having problems with my email. Not all messages are getting though. I do have a temporary email you can use until the regular one is fixed: rawlyrawls@gmail.com

If you see any more bugs, please let me know on Discord or in the comments here.

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  1. luckydave

    I love that Sign-in pop up that happened without loading a new page when I went to vote on the universe name poll. I hope that the last of the kinks in the new host work out. Happy Valentines day!

  2. divemaster99

    Love the new host / site Rawls…. getting around is much easier… great job 👌

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! You and all my supporters made it possible ❤