Monthly illustrator poll. Edit: Poll ended.

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Every month I’ll run a poll to gauge reader interest in various illustrated projects. This will help me allocate my resources as I make decisions about what series to continue. Your feedback is helpful and important! Feel free to add comments below if you have opinions you’d like to share. The poll ends on the 25th. Vote for up to three of your favorites.

Poll ended. Thanks for voting!

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  1. Osiris908

    Love all your writing but I’m much more a fan of the first part or parts of your stories. I love the hesitation, reluctance and slow build-up. After consummation of the act my interest level drops precipitously. Hence why I voted for Enki and Dragon.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for your feedback! I wasn’t clear about it, but I’m looking for readers’ feelings about the artists. When I post a similar poll next month, I’ll be sure to make that clear.