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A reader asked if I could change the background of the stories posted here from plain white to textured, like we do on the illustrated site. To see an example of what I mean, download the Palmer Mansion novel here and you’ll find a plain white version and a textured version. Vote below for your favorite. I’ll decide what to do when the poll ends next Sunday. 

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  1. Rawls

    Okay, so there’s lots of interest in this, but also some people who need the plain white background. It’s a bit of a pain, but I’ll make every story available with and without the background. That includes the ongoing stories. I’ll go through them and make the change over the next couple weeks.

  2. JohnJohnaon

    People with dyslexia and other reading difficulties find reading black on white difficult so for those people, it will be much easier for them. It also tends to make reading slightly easier on the eyes for everyone too.

  3. OralLover56

    The textured or ‘dark mode’ isn’t so much easier on the eyes, as it it easier to read on the screen when reading in private times. IE: When I can’t get to sleep and read while lying next to my wife, the ‘dark mode or textured’ doesn’t light up the entire bedroom.

  4. rk24010

    It won’t matter much to the regular readers as they’ll only look at around 6-10 pages weekly. For someone picking up your books later on, I guess this would make it easier on their eyes.
    I voted Yes. But literally every screen these days comes with an option of some form of texturing(night mode, night light, etc.) so this won’t be a big problem in any way.

  5. BudroThePious

    It is a minor issue but the non-white background is slightly easier for e to read.

  6. Rawls

    Thanks for the comments. If the vote is split like it is now, I’ll probably have one of each for the finished stories, and pick a background for the ongoing stories so I don’t have to maintain two versions.

  7. iguy

    If it makes others happy, It doesn’t bother me either way. (I voted yes)

  8. np_phreak

    I’d say the textured looks slightly better, but to me it’s a very minor difference, I guess if it is simple change it would be worth doing