The Tiger, the Twins … Ch. 1

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A twin brother and sister visited a magical world long ago. They were told never to return by a sage, old tiger. But they return as adults to find the place more dangerous and twisted than they remembered.

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Illustrations by JustPumpkin:

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  1. Kramer_Angst

    I’m already hooked! When will see more of this story?

    1. Rawls

      I haven’t written chapter two yet. This one will move a bit slower than some of my other projects. But I do have plans to continue it 🙂

      1. Kramer_Angst

        Nice! Thanks for the fast reply, and for all of the consistently excellent work you do.

  2. Simon S.

    Great story but I find the art distracting because of the style choices.

  3. randomuser1223

    Well done! I do think it feels slightly hurried, but not enough to mess up enjoying the chapter

  4. ChromeDragon

    I really liked the surreal quality of the art it is very unique and stands out among the many artists of RawlyRawls works. I hope to see more from this artist.

  5. Lobria

    Really like this one and would love a continuation of this story. I like the fact that you based this off Narania, which the artwork really goes well with this. Loved the art hope to see more of JPummkin I don’t what other story that this art can work for but still would love to see more of him.

  6. Shoddinator

    This story is incredible. It’s like a twisted Narnia. The art especially evokes that sort of whimsical tale that it should be. I’m super excited for the other chapters.

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