New chapter of Mothership Wilderness is here.

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It starts on page 112. Penny and Jacob share a birthday party on the beach. Humility makes a discovery.

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  1. Schunn99

    I am figuring that Heather, Penny, and Maureen are probably pregnant too, but just now showing symptoms, i.e. swelling bellies or morning sickness yet. As it has not been long enough.

    1. Schunn99

      *But just not showing symptoms i.e. swollen bellies or morning sickness yet

  2. Schunn99

    Hmm, life support failure, dr. Cole’s doing maybe? And a three month pregnancy to full term, hmm the fertility drug effecting jake’s sperm and speeding up the gestation? And isn’t Humility pregnant as well? I thinking that Heather, Penny and Maureen are probably already pregnant too. And Judy will be joining the rest of the jake’s “harem” soon and will be pregnant too, given jake’s virility.

    1. Schunn99

      Great chapter as usual, TWT chapter up next week?

    2. Rawls

      Humility is pregnant, that’s why she was scanning her own belly. CeeBee has the master plan on this one, but those pregnancies are about what I’d expect.