New poll for short story ideas. 8/29/21 POLL CLOSED

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Your suggestion poll is here.  I didn’t include the longer suggestions, or the suggestions that I wouldn’t be able to write well.

Vote for up to three options. The top option will become a short story. Poll ends on the 1st. 

Remember, every member of this site can vote. Make your voice heard!


The winner is: Son summons succubus to lose virginity, succubus possesses mom to grant his wish




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    1. Rawls

      This artist wanted to illustrate a short with elves

  1. waltdee

    May I vote “None of the above”? Elven, extraterrestrial, and other fantasy genres just aren’t my think, sorry. Unless the protagonist is human, it’s difficult for me to put myself in their position and enjoy the story. I realize that’ll make me unpopular, but I’m just speaking up for myself.

    1. Jtzabor5

      YOU SOB! Its alright dude, we all obviously have weird tastes

    2. Rawls

      You don’t have to vote, not a problem. Not everything I do is for everyone, but fortunately I create a lot so if something isn’t your cup of tea, you don’t have to wait long for something that is 🙂