New poll for short story ideas. EDIT: POLL CLOSED

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Your suggestion poll is here. Again, some of you struggled a little sticking to 15 words or less. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I didn’t include the longer suggestions, or the suggestions that I wouldn’t be able to write well.

Vote for up to three options. The top option will become a short story. Poll ends on the 17th. 

Remember, every member of this site can vote. Make your voice heard!

Poll Closed: the winner is Young man finds stone, takes his bully’s mother, sister, and girlfriend

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  1. Schunn99

    Darn, I was hoping my suggestion, the son finds a stone and brings his heavily pregnant GF would wins, looks like it got to # 3, still pretty good

    1. Rawls

      I actually liked that idea enough that I wrote a spin on it. A Stone in Spring is that story. It should release within the next week.

      1. Schunn99

        Cool, I am working on a short myself too, a spinoff I will post on the discord art or story share.

  2. KittyKat

    I like the idea of a Mother going Futa and impreging her own offspring … that’s so different.
    Hope that gets a story at some point 😀

    1. KittyKat

      MMM Twins … step sibs … AHHH imagination stop please!

    2. Rawls

      I makes more sense to me to have the daughter get converted to a futa given the themes I favor in my stories. But I could probably make it work the other way around.

  3. bostant

    a bit sad that my grandpa inheritance was not included in the poll 🙁

    1. Rawls

      It was too long. If it’s close to 15 words I’ll include it, but that one was too far over.

      1. bostant

        got it. in almost all of your stories women are seduced unintentionally or they never asked for it. for once a mother trying to seduce her son instead of other way around sounded like a good idea.

  4. Anteater

    I just enjoy all of them. I AM waiting for Nosferatu Next Door, though. I LOVE the art work for the illustrated stories.