No more writing update posts on the site.

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For a long time, I kept you in the loop with “Writing Update” posts on the site. I’ve decided to end those updates since I’m posting writing updates on the Discord server already. Having less weekly tasks is helpful for my writing time.

If you’re interested in knowing what I’m currently writing at any time, check out the “text-schedule” channel on my Discord server:

Just to be clear, all other updates will continue. The only updates that I am discontinuing are the weekly updates saying which stories I’m writing now. Like this one:

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  1. Slick Pillar

    Cool, do what you gotta do, playa!

  2. AndTestIt

    too bad, but understandable.
    will the dates still be updated under the catalogue list ? i mean if we go to text-only tab, we always can see the date when the main file was updated.

    1. Rawls

      All the other updates will continue. Every time a post a story, I will post an update that goes out on email. The dates in the catalogue will also update. The only update that I am discontinuing is the weekly update saying which stories I’m writing now. Like this one: