Poll for new short story ideas 4/10/22. POLL CLOSED

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POLL CLOSED. The final result is a tie! I’ll combine the winning ideas into one story. 


Your suggestion poll is here. 

Vote for your TWO favorite ideas. The winner will become a new multi-chapter story. Poll expires in one week: 4/17/22.


This poll is no longer accepting votes

770 days 14 hours left to vote
Choose the premise of a new story.
349 votes · 617 answers

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  1. DM1485

    lol, i voted for both of these…. i think i know exactly how the blend will be done. I’ll be watching out for this one.

  2. pragmaticromantic

    Oh hey! My suggestion was one of the winners! Happy to see what you do with it Rawly!

  3. futanatic

    I honestly would like to see more futanari content. Maybe one where a futa daughter gets the stone and seduces her mother, or even one where the mother is a hung futa. Just some ideas.

    1. Rawls

      Check out Five Twisted Wishes. Mom/daughter futa.

  4. Daoud

    they are all great ideas. You can make one chapter story of each in the future

    1. BNR

      Agreed! Don’t lose any of these! I especially like all the supernatural angles.
      Of the forced/coerced incest stories. There could be a section for “Short-Shorts”

    2. elekhi

      Second that – they are all great, and should be kept for the future! I can absolutely see each story being illustrated by a different artist (maybe also by vote?)